We were very pleased and heart-warmed to ready today, that a mystery benefactor had anonymously sent gold bars to three of the residents of Ishinomaki, the town where our relief efforts with our partner Japanese Emergency NGO focused for months after the Tsunami hit.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-21487092

May there be many more for the deserving residents of Ishinomaki and other Tsunami affected villages in Japan!

RMF partner Japanese Emergency NGO distributing donated goods after Tsunami

Our last field report from Ishinomaki in Feb 2012, can be found here: http://realmedicinefoundation.org/initiative/update/japan-november-december-field-report-update

And our now completed Tsuanami Relief Efforts partnered with JEN and Annenberg Foundation can be found here: http://realmedicinefoundation.org/initiative/japan-march-2011-earthquake-and-tsunami-completed

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