On March 14th, 2016, RMF, Windle Trust, OPM, and UNHCR gave gifts to the best candidates who participated in the competition of mosquito hang up campaigns in all school in the camp. The gifts included books labeled RMF, bed sheets labeled RMF, Mosquito nets, t-shirts labeled RMF, and school bags labeled RMF. They started with Bidongo primary, went to Panyadoli Hills primary, Arnold primary, Canrom primary, St.Bakitha primary, and Panyadoli SSSas seen below:

The competion was all about drawing the homestead which is well organised in preventing malaria, also demontrating how to use mosquito nets.

On March 15, 2016 the launch of the hang up mosquito campaign in Kiryandongo was initiated and consisted of a day full of community involvement and remarks made by community officials at the Youth Center in Magamaga. The very day of the big launch RMF took lead of this being the implementing partners for health. By 6am all my staffs were out for the preparation of the day, by 8am Commissioner and the team had arrived from Kampala, 9am representative of US ambassador had also arrived, UNHCR rep and everyone was here including minister of health representative. The celebration was colourful in RMF blue t-shirts matching with the band below:

The invited guests gave speeches, distributed out the mosquito nets, and launched the hang up of the mosquito nets in few homes, as shown in the photos above.

There was a display of RMF vocational skills such as a hairdressing saloon set at the launch, carpentry items, tailoring items as visitors toured the tent where they were displayed.

Then this whole week until next week, RMF is going village to village, house to house to distribute 21,000 mosquito nets all people in the camp and host community.

Below is the program of the day’s events.

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