In December, one RMF supporter, Mrs. Mishella Perez, decided that she needed to do something to help the people of the Philippines – she wanted to take ACTION! Mishella organized a local fundraiser in her town of San Diego, a 5K walk/run to fundraise for RMF’s work in the Philippines.

In her words:

Upon hearing and watching about the vast destruction of Typhoon Haiyan (better known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines) across the Visayas and Northern Mindinao region, I felt the need to do something quick. Over 5,000 lives lost and many homes destroyed, the Filipino people needed all the help they can get, even if coming from a little person like me in San Diego. Growing up, I spent memorable summers and holidays with family and friends in the Motherland. If it’s one thing that is very important in our culture, its FAMILY. The Filipino people are definitely a close-knit society that keep traditions at heart. See more at:

I reached out to my dear friend, Lilly of Team RMF USA, to help me with my fundraising efforts. There are so many great organizations and charities to choose from, but Real Medicine Foundation has always stood out among the rest. They “save lives and restore a foundation of dignity amidst devastation and extreme poverty.” I truly praise their mission and extraordinary work. Earlier this year, I ran the Los Angeles Marathon for RMF. It was a great accomplishment running 26.2 miles and on top of that, for such a great cause.

On December 15, Lilly and I held the event, Lace Up for Love! Lace Up for the Philippines! in Liberty Station, at NTC Park in San Diego. It was a wonderful charity 5k walk/run to raise funds to provide health care and humanitarian aid for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. The event was very heartwarming, filled with amazing friends and family who wanted to help as much as they can.

At the finish line, runners and walkers jumped for joy at how easy it is to make a difference by supporting RMF!

Participants were given the opportunity to write a personal message for the Philippines. In the pictures below, they displayed words of encouragement, including HOPE, STRENGTH, and LOVE.

Thank you to everyone who have supported and most especially, thank you to RMF! More power to you! Mabuhay!

Donate to RMF’s work in the Philippines and around the world.

Text REALMED to 50555 to make a $10 donation from your cell phone right now!

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