by Jonathan White

Last month, Real Medicine’s Lwala Community Health Center in Kenya welcomed two 18 year old first time mothers on a Saturday morning: Millicent, nearly silent in labor  in one corner, and Maureen, a vigorous and loud laborer in the other.  There was never better proof of the need for a larger space for deliveries in our clinic, Real Medicine’s support of the new maternity center is much appreciated. Despite the small space, Clinic Officer Michael Omollo and clinic founder Milton Ochieng’ MD were smiling as silent Millicent pushed out a crying healthy baby girl.

Maureen’s vigorous, athletic, and loud labor response was a stark contrast and kept the team on their toes.  A second crying and healthy baby girl was welcomed about an hour later.  This was baby number 100 for the Lwala Community Health Center!  These children have all been born in what was originally designed as a kitchen and was converted to a birthing facility when laboring mothers began to come.  Groundbreaking for a much larger and proper maternity unit is planned for August 2010.

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