Over the weekend we have communicated with a contact of ours that works with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), regarding the relief efforts in Japan and where our help might be needed most.  JICA is Japan’s international aid and development arm (similar to USAID); we have been working with them for the past two years as project partners in our South Sudan initiative.

According to our contact, the relief activities are in full swing but still not perfectly coordinated, Japanese Self-Defense Forces are in the Miyagi Prefecture, and the Japanese government is getting ready to accept larger relief offers from different countries.

Our contact reported that everything including shelters, clothing, blankets, foods, water, medicine is in short supply and will be needed over the next few weeks in the impacted areas in the Miyagi Prefecture.

JICA has opened its training facility with accommodations to the public in the Fukushima Prefecture and we are waiting to find out if we can deliver supplies to this location.  We are waiting for further coordination from our partners before we send any money or supply containers to ensure that anything sent is received and distributed where needed most.

As is expected in the first few days following a disaster of this magnitude, relief efforts are chaotic and most of the focus is on the rescue, evacuation and immediate shelter and food for anyone affected.

We will continue to gather our resources, your kind donations, and supplies until we are sure they will be distributed effectively.

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