by Michael Matheke

In August 2012, RMF CNE Santosh Pall found Pooja, a 9 month old girl, in Devigarh village, with a MUAC of 7.9. Picture the circumference of your thumb: that was the size of her upper arm.

Pooja was immediately rushed to the closest Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) in the Thandla Hospital. There, she received the care that was required, and slowly began gaining weight. After 16 days in the NRC, she was released for home feeding.

One advantage that Pooja has is that her family took her with them on their migration. Often, families leave weak or sick children in their homes in the care of other relatives. However, since she has migrated with her family, Pooja will have access to breast milk and complementary feeding with her mother, who has been thoroughly counseled by both RMF and the NRC staff.

While we wait for her return in June, Santosh can take pride in the fighting chance she gave Pooja, who would not have been admitted to the NRC without RMF’s intervention.

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