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One Year On

January 06, 2011 - Haiti

Photo from Guardian.co.uk

As we approach the one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010, it is a sad reminder of how little has actually been done to rebuild Haiti.  Only the most basic of healthcare and tent accommodation is available for the 1 Million that are still homeless, and unbelievably only 5% of the rubble created by the earthquake has been cleared.

These are shocking statistics considering over $2 Billion was pledged to the relief efforts, with only 42% of funding has actually been spent and the coordination between the UN and all other aid agencies has been very poor to date.

We are continuing to present and push our hospital consortium proposal as a step towards Haitian healthcare capacity building and sustainability.  Our Project Coordinator in Haiti wrote recently about the challenges facing our efforts in Haiti here.

For a good summary of the situation on the ground, read this Guardian article here.

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