This upcoming weekend is Big Sunday, and we still need volunteers.

 The event is both on Saturday and Sunday, from 9am-4pm

Nuestra Clinica

3004 Whittier Blvd.

Los Angeles, 90023

Even if you can only work a part of the day, please click on one of the links below and sign up. Every little bit counts! – Saturday – Sunday

Join us in building a place for woman and children to come and feel at home and participate in programs such as: Computer Literacy, Resume Writing, Job Interview Skills Workshops, Domestic Violence Counseling, Child Care, Child Therapy, Homework Help, English Language Tutors/Classes, Yoga, Nutrition Courses, and other alternative and homeopathic treatments for Diabetes and Heart Disease. 

Should you decide to come, you will be painting walls, constructing cabinets, and helping with anything else that we might need a hand with. Also, Sunday we will be doing mural painting. Yeah, I said it. Mural painting. You are volunteering for mural painting in an awesome area that you might not otherwise have an excuse to see. What more do you need to hear?

Come get your hands dirty, get paint on your pants and maybe even be on TV (David Levinson is doing a documentary on it). You don’t have to be on TV, obviously you can maneuver yourself out of the shot, but you might be so, you know, sweet. 

The building is really cool too. I was built in 1910 and has never been changed other than a few funky, peeling paint jobs and new, now old carpeting, so all the original woodwork and molding is still intact. The whole area is really something else. Most of the houses and buildings in the area are old too because there is no money to change anything. 

Also, the food down there is really, really, really good. Really, really good. Oh man. There is a market right down the street that has face-melting tamales and beyond that there is an oil-drum BBQ place that is basically just a smoke-stack of flavor that you can see and smell from miles around. There are all sorts of funky shops around too that sell strange fragrances and statues that promise all sorts of sexy and spiritual things. Basically, its going to be a hoot. 

This is an opportunity to do something different with your weekend, something you can feel good about. It’s really easy to hit Saturday and want to sleep in or catch up on whatever you TiVoed this week but this is a one time thing and no matter what you will come away feeling like a million bucks. Besides, the whole point behind TiVo is that you can watch your shows when you have nothing else to do, right? Well, luckily, you have something else to do now. Come on out and lets get it done!

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