On September 27th, at the infamous CitySip in Echo Park, Real Medicine invites you to relive your college glory days in a manner benefiting the mature adult you are today.

Like a journey into another dimension, Dionicess V transforms drinking beer and eating pizza into an accomplishment worthy of proud display on any social networking or dating site. With all proceeds going to Real Medicine not only does this night of charitable cuisine give you holier-than-thou status for at least a week, you can write it off on your taxes and maybe even put it on your resume. The possibilities are virtually endless. Then again, so are the mind blowing combinations offered for this night of culinary complexity.

For Dionicess V, Gev Kazanchyan, a veritable Match.com for food and beverage, has taken 5 premium beers from SoCal Craft Breweries and, after months of painstaking research, has successfully paired them with 5 gourmet pizzas from Tomato Pie in a line up poised to hijack your senses and smuggle you down to flavor-town on a taste-sensation express. You might want to bring a friend for safety’s sake.

Throw caution and calorie-counting to the wind and help insure the existence of life changing programs around the world by indulging in the decadent delicacies that, many years ago, may very well have fueled your own existence.

Space is limited and tickets are selling fast. Buy yours exclusively online at:

For more information visit www.realmedicinefoundation.org

Here are some reviews from past Dionicess events:

"It was refreshing to see an event created to fulfill multiple purposes, and in this case everybody benefited."–Steve Wasser of http://gastrologica.com/

"Charity has to be the best possible reason to drink six craft beers and devour a box of artisanal chocolates. On May 17, Gev Kazanchyan provided that motivation when he hosted Dionicess IV, pairing Stone beer with Mignon Chocolate at Side Bar in Glendale."–FoodGPS.com


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