The team over at sang our very own Jaimie Shaff, a happy birthday song in this video, in honor of her unbelievably successful Birthday Wish campaign that raised $7,000 using the Facebook platform for some very special children in India!!

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For those who haven’t been following Jaimies birthday wish Campaign, she had set a goal of raising $6,500 by her birthday to help Real Medicine’s mission of combating Malnutrition among children in India.  Thanks to many of her friends and family and some very generous last minute Anonymous donors, Jaimie’s campaign surpassed it’s goal of $6,500 yesterday and has reached $7,000 as of today!!

Click here to see Jaimie’s birthday wish page:

Over the past few months, Jaimie has been working in rural India for RMF and those who have been reading her blogs and emails know it has been far from easy.  Jaimie had fallen in love with several of the little patients being treated and that needed help over and above what the RMF Malnutrition Eradication program was able to offer.  With that in mind Jaimie dedicated her birthday to raising funds for these children.

You can also read Jaimie’s most recent blog here or visit our website’s Malnutrition Eradication Initiative here

Find out more about donating your birthday to Real Medicine or fundraising through the platform:

Thanks to all for your continued support, or you can visit our website and make a donation there:

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