By 8am on Sunday, December 12th, the air temperature was already creeping into the high 60s.  The sky was blue, the sun high and bright.  The perfect Indian Summer day was enough to make the rest of our frozen nation jealous.  Our schedule told us to run twelve miles, so we were mentally prepared, pumped up and ready to go.  The sun at our backs, our long shadows leading us, we ran north along the beach until the path ended.  Turning into the bright sun, we headed south, spotting a pod of dolphins playing in the glistening waves as we jogged on.  We stopped for a water break and were surprised when a nearby couple asked us if we were affiliated with Real Medicine Foundation (the shirts must have given it away!).

It turns out that Peter is a local radiologist, who along with his wife Sydney, have been involved with Real Medicine’s projects in Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique!  They shared a few stories with us, we shook hands, then pushed on, elated and inspired by this interaction.  Two hours had passed since we set off on our run, and we had been from Santa Monica to Venice and back, when we finally approached our finishing point.  We stretched out, high-fived and smiled as we parted ways with 12 miles under our belt by 10am.

We’re going again this Sunday so look us up!

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