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Athletes for Real Medicine: Sunday Training Run

January 17, 2011 - United States

by Brandi Howell

We met at the park in Santa Monica at 8 am.  The air was warm and the sky was blue.  Although it was January, it felt like a summer morning–this being one of the benefits of living in Los Angeles.  While our east coast friends are shoveling snow, we’re dusting sand off our feet after a day at the beach.  But I digress.  This glorious, west coast morning, we gathered in our Real Med t-shirts, chatted for a few minutes, discussed the route, then set out together for our 10 mile run.

We were happy to have a new team member joining us, who was running her first long run of the season.  She and I ran together so I could show her when to "GU" (refuel on nutrition packets), how to pace and how to get through the "wall"(emotional blockade that makes runner’s want to quit).

We looked out at the glistening ocean, appreciated the great weather and talked…so much that we ran a bit too far, adding an extra mile to our 10 mile run.  By the time our trek was over, we were inspired, high on endorphins and already excited for next Sunday’s run.  We stretched out in the comfortable grass, looked up at the trees as we "threaded the needle" (stretched our hips) and parted ways, proud of our early morning accomplishment.

Go Athletes for Real Medicine!!!!

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