Athletes for Real Medicine Fundraising Newsletter #1

“A New Year, A New Way to Make a Difference”

Happy New Year! I hope that the holidays treated you well and that your marathon training is going great!  It’s an exciting new year and we are kicking off a series of Fundraising newsletters to help you in your campaign.

Since this is the first newsletter, I wanted to familiarize you with the overall strategy of fundraising.

Some tips from’s Fundraising Headquarters

• Set a Goal

• Start Early so you can give people ample time to donate.

• Educate your Donors on your cause

• Stress the Benefits of contributing

• Follow Through by sending emails

• Send Thank You notes

• Ask BIG before going small

• Stay Positive and remember the reason

• Never Feel Guilty about asking for donations

• Ask, Ask, Ask

Remember, sticking to your plan will ensure success!

Fundraising Tip #1

Make your first donation email now. Remember that it may take several attempts before you get a response, so be positive and stay persistent. Make your donation email personal. Explain to your peers why you are doing this race and what it means to the people you are helping. For example, this could be your first marathon, you could be running it for someone who has inspired you or it could be your resolution for the new year. The more personal your story and cause are, the more your donors will be inspired by it.

Fundraising Idea #1

Reach out to your Facebook friends for $5 each. Imagine what you can achieve with 100 friends! 200 friends! 300 friends! Give a deadline to reach your goal. You’ll be amazed at the results! Most importantly, make it fun and exciting!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me anytime at Remember, it is because of you and your support that the Real Medicine Foundation can help so many patients in 15 different countries! Thank YOU for being an Athlete for Real Medicine!

Always remember:

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier

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