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How We Live: Life on the Margins in Armenia

November 16, 2010 - Armenia

by Sara Anjargolian

In honor of our Healthcare project in Armenia, Nairy Ghazourian, the Country Director for RMF Armenia, forwarded this documentary filmed by a friend, Sara Anjargolian, about poverty and development issues today in Armenia.

Link to Documentary:

Ani, 12, and her father Senik. The lack of heating during the winter caused Ani to contract a serious respiratory illness.

The documentary How We Live documents the face of poverty in the former Soviet Republic of Armenia as told through the personal stories of families living along the margins. The lives depicted show families prevailing against inhuman odds and simultaneously making peace with what should be unacceptable.

"I hope viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by Armenia’s families who are dealing with poverty, and that a deeper understanding will lead to greater awareness, a basis for dialogue, and inspire a more informed level of engagement by Diaspora Armenians in their homeland." Sara Anjargolian

The project illuminates the daily challenges of poverty, as well as its socioeconomic and political causes. How We Live also seeks to shine a light on lives that might otherwise pass quietly into oblivion.

Karlo Gharabegian served as co-producer, co-director and editor on the project.

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