The Ministry of Health of the Government of Southern Sudan, backed by UNICEF and other partners, has unveiled a further effort to reduce child and maternal mortality with the launch of the Accelerated Child Survival Initiative (ACSI) which aligns with current RMF initiatives in the area.

The ACSI package will focus on providing an integrated package of life-saving services including polio and measles vaccination, de-worming, provision of vitamin A supplements and anti-malarial bed nets, along with the promotion of good health practices such as breastfeeding and hand washing to women and children in Southern Sudan, an area with an estimated under-five mortality rate as high as 192 deaths for every 1,000 live births.

This past February, Real Medicine went into Southern Sudan to discuss the placement of a Primary Health Care clinic that addresses these very concerns. In addition, Real Medicine has proposed to establish a Nurses and Midwifery training program for the Juba Teaching Hospital which has the potential to increase the combined delivery capacity of their health care services in the immediate vicinity by over 900%, from 7 qualified personnel to over 60, and improve the qualified HC Practitioner to patient ratio to 1:17,000 from >1:100,000.

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