Guest blogger today Sherbano Mehdi writes today about the fundraiser we held this past Sunday which raised over $23,000 for victims of the Floods in Pakistan.  Special thanks goes out to Dr. Zeba Vanek and Ali Vanek who were generous enough to hold the event at their home on behalf of RMF.  We have already held our first medical relief outreach camp and will be holding many more with these generous donations.

"The floods in Pakistan have once again brought us together. On our ever-changing planet Earth we are reminded that our ability to work together across borders is the only hope for mankind to survive and flourish.

On Sunday August 22, an evening spent at the home of Dr. Zeba Vanek symbolized the unity and dedication that we need to get through crises of this nature. In the warmth of Dr. Vanek’s loving home, with a heart big enough to accomodate the sorrows of a nation, friends and supporters of Real Medicine Foundation bonded over music and conversation to raise a whopping $23,000 which will go towards the victims of the Pakistani flood.

Already challenged with the political and economic situation in Pakistan, Real Medicine Foundation is now faced with the added responsibility to reach and assist countless number of people displaced from their homes to more perilous and unhygienic situations.

One fourth of Pakistan is under water, as this calamity continues to broaden, with no foreseeable end to progressive flooding. Self respecting and self sustaining residents are forced out of their community and reduced to competing for food, shelter, and healthcare. As Real Medicine Foundation’s philosophy involves treating individuals in their entirety, managing this gross disaster is all the more daunting.

As Dr. Vanek talked about her upcoming travel to Pakistan to partner with RMF in setting medical camps in areas devastated by flood waters, her guests were overcome with hope. Her piano played on, songs of love and loyalty to one’s land filled the air, and under the cloud of this tragedy, there was a beauty that only comes with sharing of human hearts and goals." – Sherbano Mehdi

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Ali Vanek and Ruqaiya

Women Attendees

Sarah, Ruqaiya and Zeba

Attendees and children

Zeba and friend with RMF banner

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