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Real Medicine Project Los Angeles

July 18, 2007 - United States

The daily stress of hunger, financial need, and an unsafe social environment puts thousands of children in the Skid Row area at increased risk for life-long physical and emotional illness. Many are physically and sexually abused, and all are exposed to violence, crime, and drug abuse on the streets where they live.

The teachers in their schools are mandated by law to report any cases of abuse or other emotional trauma. This reporting would result in the children receiving care or treatment from outside agencies and professionals, and is often the only hope they have for a safer, healthier life. However, teachers and school staff receive no training in how to identify psycho-trauma in children, how to encourage children to open up and share their experiences, and how to offer supportive assistance and guidance. This huge gap in teacher training means thousands of children continue to live in a state of daily trauma, when in fact assistance is available that can literally save their lives. The Real Medicine Project L.A. was developed to fill this gap and provide teachers with the professional psycho-trauma training they need to support the emotional health of their students and themselves.

Starting in fall of 2006, Real Medicine Foundation has started to provide training for teachers to identify and support traumatized children, living in the poorest areas of Los Angeles. Many, many more are needed and lined up.

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