Mlese Village is an amalgamation of nineteen neighborhoods (RT) located ten kilometers or six miles from the mid-sized city of Klaten, Central Java. In the aftermath of the May 24, 2006 earthquake, forty-one villagers from Mlese were found dead. Over 99% of the village’s houses were either severely damaged or destroyed, making the per capita destruction worse than Banda Aceh’s in the 2004 tsunami. This past October, Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) issued a $10,800 grant to Yayasan KOMPIP (YK) to expand YK’s TRT or “community savings” project in Mlese Village, Central Java.

In March 2007, the grant had already directly impacted over 1,000 individuals and stimulated a multiyear process of economic growth that will actively fight poverty and redevelop the community, damaged in the May 2006 earthquake. In Mlese Village, the RMF grant has begun to serve as a direct catalyst to revitalizing the community and returning village members’ lives to normal.

Much progress has been made, but many thousands of villagers in dozens of neighboring communities are still waiting for assistance.

Mlese Village.

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