A refugee is transported in critical condition from his tent to the health center

Dear Friends of Real Medicine Foundation,
This blog post is dedicated to the Congolese refugees who have arrived in Uganda in the past 2 weeks in desperate need of shelter, food, water, and healthcare as a result of violence in the DRC. The existing settlements/refugee camps are overextended and we need your help to meet the needs of this vulnerable population as soon as possible!

Because of RMF’s presence in Uganda through our work at the Kiryandongo settlement, specifically our support of the Panyadoli Health Center and the respect our work has earned from the Ugandan government, we have formally been asked to assist with the urgent need for medical services for this new influx of refugees.

Official urgent plea for RMF’s assistance

Below you will find current photos taken by our Country Director this week of the situation on the ground to give an idea of the conditions these Congolese refugees are facing right now. Please consider donating to RMF for this project. Your donation will help with immunization efforts, malaria prevention and treatment and other vital medications to address the infectious disease and other health issues these refugees are facing and will help SAVE LIVES. Any amount you can offer will be used towards these efforts.


Thank you so much for your generosity and support as we work to Liberate Human Potential and serve those most in need!

soldiers guard the main entrance to the refugee camp

Congolese refugees waiting to register at the camp

a communal tent

Congolese refugees waiting for transport to camp

Food, water, and other basic daily needs are not being met

Representatives from the NGOs who have agreed to help with emergency relief meet to make sure efforts are organized. RMF Country Director Naku Charles Lwanga attends

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