Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Future Doctors for South Sudan"

Status: Completed


The mission of Future Doctors for South Sudan (FDSS) is to educate, train and provide ongoing support for doctors in South Sudan.

FDSS envisions a South Sudan where trained physicians can provide leadership for a transformation of healthcare, where all mothers and babies survive childbirth, where childhood mortality rates are dramatically reduced, and where diseases and injuries are successfully diagnosed and treated.


Our goal is to identify the most qualified South Sudanese students, who are committed to provide medical care for South Sudan, with geographical, tribal, and gender diversity. FDSS will seek donations to support as many medical school scholarships as possible. Donors will receive regular updates on the progress of our medical students.

Mentorship Programs

Individuals or groups of individuals may choose to fully sponsor a student. In this case that individual or group will have the option to provide mentorship with that individual student, through personal contact and communication via electronic communication. This mentorship may continue beyond medical school, and be a valuable resource for new South Sudanese physicians beginning their practices. Sponsors may choose to travel to Africa to visit their mentee; FDSS supports and encourages such visits.

Volunteer Faculty Positions

Donors to FDSS may wish to volunteer as faculty members for those medical schools that our scholarship recipients are attending. Such opportunities may lie in such countries as South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda or Ethiopia. FDSS will facilitate these volunteer opportunities.

Externship Opportunities

Medical schools and/or teaching hospitals may wish to plan and develop externship programs which will sponsor senior South Sudanese medical students to experience a clinical rotation in the United States. FDSS will encourage and support such efforts, and will identify criteria for choosing the most qualified students for participation.

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Most young South Sudanese do not have means or access to obtain even a high school education.

For the past decades, there has been no medical school in South Sudan – there are currently efforts underway to reestablish a functional medical school in Juba, the capital, but that could take years.

Currently, the only available medical schools are outside of South Sudan, and they are too expensive for almost anyone in South Sudan to attend.

There is no system in place to identify young South Sudanese students who have the commitment and drive to pursue medical education and return to serve their country.

There are currently no available scholarship or loan programs for medical education in South Sudan