South Sudan: Future Doctors for South Sudan

Video: Future Doctors for South Sudan Introduction

May 27, 2015


Our goal is to identify the most qualified South Sudanese students, who are committed to provide medical care for South Sudan, with geographical, tribal, and gender diversity. FDSS will seek donations to support as many medical school scholarships as possible. Donors will receive regular updates on the progress of our medical students.


  • To identify qualified South Sudanese students who have the drive and commitment to become Doctors to serve South Sudan;
  • To identify students with tribal and geographic diversity, whose goal is to return to their medically underserved communities;
  • To provide financial support to provide quality medical education for as many South Sudanese students as possible;
  • To provide encouragement and mentorship for these young students and physicians to help them provide the medical leadership, which is critical to improve health care in South Sudan.