150, 000

Forced into evacuation shelters

270, 000

Without water or gas

Status: Completed


JEN has dispatched and has begun implementing the emergency support to the people of Kumamoto city and its neighboring towns. As the frequent quakes expand the damages to the entire Kyushu region, the number of people affected increases day by day. So far, we assessed "material" needs to provide relief goods and necessary food, followed by debris removal tool kit, urgently.

Action Plan

JEN has been implementing the emergency goods distribution. It helps evacuee’s fear of isolation. JEN works with people from different backgrounds, generations and genders. Emergency support acts to not only resolve the issue people are facing currently, but also to increase self-reliance that will aid in the reconstruction of the communities.


  • Landslides
  • Power, water, and phones are down in the town
  • Low amount of supplies
  • Temperatures at night are deadly

RMF is teaming up with Japan Emergency NGO (JEN) to provide relief and supplies to the victims of the earthquake.