Japan: NGO JEN Emergency Response to Kumamoto Earthquake

NGO JEN Emergency Response to Kumamoto Earthquake

April 19, 2016

Since Thursday, there have been many reports of earthquakes hitting Japanese cities, including Kumamoto and Kyushu. The Kumamoto earthquake hit Thursday night at a magnitude of 6.5, and the Kyushu earthquake came the following day at a magnitude of 7.3. Japan has seen many earthquakes, but none that have caused this much damage.

Many aftershocks have been reported, and thousands of buildings and homes destroyed. There have been 42 reported deaths, with over 1,000 people injured. 150,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes, while 270,000 have been left without water or gas. 35,000 still do not have working electricity.

RMF is teaming up with Japan Emergency NGO (JEN) to provide relief and supplies to the victims of the earthquake.

Here is more information about the earthquakes from BBC and The Guardian


JEN is preparing for the emergency goods distribution and further assistance in Kumamoto City NOT covered by the current assistance.


  • Restoring a self-supporting livelihood both economically and mentally
  • Bringing supplies to victims of the earthquake
  • Supplying any other aid necessary to help the people of Kumamoto City