Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Earthquake (May 2006) Relief in Birit Village"

Status: Completed


One of the Real Medicine Foundation’s sponsored Neighborhood Endowment Fund (NEF) villages is Birit Lor. Founded on July 15th 2008, the aim of the NEF is to stimulate economic recovery in the wake of an earthquake that wracked Klaten City and surrounding areas in June 2006. In this neighborhood, all members are women. Each member pays an initial membership fee of Rp.5000 ($US .50) and a monthly fee of $US ten cents. Officers in this NEF are: Mrs. Tatik as chairwoman, Mrs Budi as vice chairwoman, Mrs. Lina as secretary, Mrs. Tri Rahayu as treasurer, and Mrs. Suparni as debt collector. The first endowment in Birit Lor was received from the Real Medicine Foundation. Through the RMF’s initial grant and continued membership fees, this NEF, like the dozens of others that exist near Klaten, is now self-sustaining.