Profiles of Community Savings Grantées – Mrs. Harto

February 25, 2008

Nice to meet you, I am called Grandmother Harto. I am a 65 year old widow. I live in RT 03 Rw 02 Birit, Wedi, Klaten. In my RT are many still who cannot yet rebuild their houses. I have 5 children—3 daughters and 2 sons. My daughters–Jumilah lives in Nglegrengan, Gantiwarno, Suparmi in Brangkal. Wedi and one more named Lestari live in Karbolo, Bayat. My two sons—one, Sugeng lives in Sembung and the other, Kuat, lives close by me. On May 27th, 2006, the day of the Great Earthquake, my house and the house of my youngest child collapsed.

I had to sleep in a tent for a whole year. Our future was uncertain the neighborhood was very chaotic, and I was never sure if, while I was rebuilding, my house would keep from collapsing again. Up to today I am still living in a temporary house made of simple woven bamboo. It is really not a proper house, and I live with one of my grandchildren and four goats. But in a disaster like this one we are all concerned about the wishes of the Great Power. We mere humans cannot know what we must do beforehand. I had already started business and can afford to continue it if we ask for help from the side. Indeed, we are able to accept money with the help of RR. They help cover rebuilding costs up to 9.000.000 rupiah, but we will accept only 7.500.000 rupiah at the most. That way, the remainder can be split among other people that we know. We accept the grant only because we need the help. My children are also living in poor conditions so they can help the family. Including grandchildren, my family has 17 members. My children took turns sheltering me when my house was destroyed.