Nepal: Nepal Earthquake

RMF Emergency Relief Activities Overview: Part V, Second Earthquake and Settlement Camp

May 19, 2015

Cindy Stein, Director, Global Programs

Second Earthquake and Settlement Camp
After May 12th, people were of course terrified to be indoors. I was at the Global Karuna Camp with Metteyya when the 7.3 quake happened. He quickly pulled me away from the nearby building and we headed underneath the trees where we held on while the ground below us grumbled violently and nearby bricks and roofing fell several stories. Many people were screaming and crying and chanting prayers. Several large after shocks came soon after. Our hearts were all with the people that we knew would be deeply affected by this second disaster as we had now seen the fragility of the communities and remaining buildings. We quickly started trying to make calls (the networks were down) and find news on the internet and radio about the epicenter so we could figure out the logistics of where help would be needed.Hundreds of people started entering the camp, traffic outside the gates came to a grinding halt, and we realized that a makeshift camp would need to be created as nobody would be sleeping indoors. Our small team headed out into the city to gather supplies. We had tarps that were going to be distributed the next day but we decided to use them to make a communal shelter. We assessed the food stores and water supply and set out to find tent stakes, building materials, cups, utensils, food and tea to serve the influx of people and keep everyone calm and safe. The camp has around 300 settlers during the day and 500 at night.So far things have been orderly and efficient for everyone.

RMF tarps being used for communal shelter.

Assessing food stores

A volunteer helping to coordinate tea for everyone

Team RMF shopping for makeshift tent stakes in a local scrap metal yard.

We sweet talked our way with a security guard into a damaged super store to buy supplies for the camp.


More than 8,500 people are dead and over 15,000 injured following a magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit the Himalayan region the morning of April 25, 2015. Eight million people are affected across Nepal, and one million children are in urgent need of help.

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