Nepal: Nepal Earthquake

Field Report: Reaching Remote Villages Phelomatar and Salandara

May 13, 2015

Cindy Stein, Director, Global Programs

The RMF Team goes to Kavre, trekking over mountains, through valleys and streams to reach the Tamang people in the remote villages of Phelomatar and Salandara to bring much needed relief. We also held meetings with the community to determine their short and longterm needs. The Tamang people are subsistence farmers living many many hours by foot from any healthcare. The women give birth alone and cut the umbilical cord with a farming sickle.

RMF truck loaded with mattresses, chana, dahl, rice, lentils, salt, tents and blankets.


The perilous road that you must travel for many hours before having to walk for many hours to reach the villages.

Distribution list with the names of every household created by the community leader so we can make sure everyone gets supplies.


Getting ready to walk with the supplies.

Distributing leftover bags of rice to a neighboring village.

Tamang women carrying the supplies back home.

Part of the walk.

One of the rock climbing sections of the path.

A very slippery part of the trail.

They climbed up and down this with supplies!

Virtually every structure is like this now.

Helping build a temporary structure with bamboo and tarps.

Three homes in the village.

A lovely Tamang mom and baby.

Fields of maize and what used to be a farmhouse.

Thankfully the earthquake happened on a Saturday so kids were not in school. This is the school where all of the children would have been. Every school in all 10 districts for 30,000 residents is destroyed.

RMF team meeting with community leaders: farmers, women's group, teachers, health educators and mothers.

Farmhouse in a nearby village.



More than 8,500 people are dead and over 15,000 injured following a magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit the Himalayan region the morning of April 25, 2015. Eight million people are affected across Nepal, and one million children are in urgent need of help.

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