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Para Los Niños Partners with RMF

June 30, 2006

Para Los Niños Partners with the RMF


It's the end of the school day, and a young boy begins to cry as his father arrives to retrieve him from school. The boy's teachers learn that he is beaten daily, and that his father covers his face when he cries to muffle the noise and keep him quiet.

Another young child waits patiently for his parents to pick him up. However, with a mother addicted to crack cocaine and an alcoholic father, the boy is regularly left at school, waiting with school staff members, often as late as 8:00PM until another appropriate family member can be found.

In another terrifying example, a preschooler is witness to a tragic case of domestic violence. Despite efforts of a mother to protect her son from his violent father, her ex-husband manages to shoot the boy's grandmother and uncle to death in front of the child while his mother is at work.

These are just some of the examples of the risk, instability and trauma faced by young students in Los Angeles every day. Real Medicine Foundation is working to deliver extensive training to better equip and enable teachers at inner-city schools to identify and address challenging abuse situations before they escalate into violent, tragic endings.


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