Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Hurricane Katrina Relief Project"

Status: Completed


The Real Medicine Foundation’s Psycho-Trauma Teams completed the first phase of this pilot project in November, 2005, using mobile quick-response teams for the psychological support and counseling of children affected by the Katrina Hurricane, as well as their parents, caregivers, teachers and community members. While the government and hundreds of other organizations were working to provide food, clothing and shelter to hurricane victims, the volunteers of the Real Medicine Foundation believed that relief from the emotional distress can be just as important, particularly for children.

Working closely with the Superintendent of the Catholic Diocese of Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Mary McDonald, we supported the approximately 330 displaced Gulf Coast children and their families that had been welcomed into the 29 schools of its school system. We worked with the principals and teachers as well as the parents, counselors and staff of the schools and provided a follow-up seminar for the counselors and educators of these schools. This project will serve as a model project for the planned future work of the Real Medicine Foundation’s psycho-trauma team internationally.