Sri Lanka

Children’s Art Exhibit

October 31, 2008

Kids Become Their Favorite Profession

Photos: (L) Two businessmen selling vegetables; (R) The doctor examines and prescribes medicine for the sick child

Photos: (L) He is waiting for the next patient; (R) The house wife has visitors. She serves a delicious drink for her guests.

Photo: The school teacher has a hard time teaching math to her students.

This activity makes the children believe that one day they can be of what they like to be. And it makes lots of fun. All the children have participated this event very actively. The children also learnt how this service is done and the ethics to be followed while delivering the service. How to address the customers or recipients and how polite they have to behave. Also the behaviors, manners and customs are explained while the action was going on.

Kids Are Learning Difference in Size, Height and Length

(L) The lesson today was very active and interesting. Children prefer to sit on the floor as they find it easy. (R) The children are learning to measure the length, height, width and size of different materials and themselves.

(L) It seems the answer is known by many children as most of the hands are raised. (R) The children and teachers wanted to take this group photo especially for the RMF team. They like to send all their gratitude and thanks to RMF.

Kids Going to the Temple

(L) As it rained heavily in the morning, some children are absent. It was not a good day for outside games as the ground is wet. So the teachers decided to take them to a nearby temple to teach them manners and customs to be praticed at the holy places. (R) The first action was to pay homage to religion and the children helped the teachers light oil lamps. This is to pray for peace in the country, in which most children have suffered.

Then the children were taken to the main praying hall and practiced praying for peace and harmony among all the nations. Here the children were made aware about the ongoing conflict in the country and how the people and children suffer in such conditions.

Kids Are Playing with Clay, Free Hand Training

(L) It is a very interesting day for the children as they got the opportunity to make their dream toy. (R) Every child was provided with a sufficient amount of clay and was asked to make their favorite creations. The teachers were behind them to advise how to control the clay to make several designs. Rolling, squeezing, clapping and using different tools to get the shape was instructed.

Here the children are either working individually or in small groups. The full freedom is given to children for any sort of creations they prefer.

(L) He seems done with his job and is waiting for others to finish. He knows there is a competition to select the best student who made the best creations. (R) They are arranging their collections for a better view of the inspectors (teachers).

(L) The teachers are inspecting their work. (R) Wowwww, finally all are happy and three children were selected as winners. But all others were highly appreciated with their work. All seem happy and enjoyed the event.

Progress Report: Children Relay Pre-School, Sri Lanka