Sri Lanka

Q1/2013 Progress Report

July 26, 2013

Stephney Minerva Fernando

Project Objectives:

  1. Support the community with free high quality healthcare services 
  2. Help to create a healthy community, especially amongst the younger generation

The clinic was opened 10 days per month to provide free healthcare services to the community of Yayawatta, Seenimodera in Tangalle, Sri Lanka, and its surrounding villages and communities of Palapotha, Kadurupokuna & Seenimodera.

For the First Quarter of 2013, we saw an average of 20 patients per day with a total of 621 patients treated.

  • In the month of January, 208 patients were treated, with 70% presenting with respiratory tract infections, and fever. Volatile weather patterns during late December and early January were assumed to be cause for the surge in these conditions.
  • In the month of February, 205 patients were treated, with 25% for respiratory tract infections and 25% for arthritis.  
  • In the month of December, 208 patients were treated, with 20% for arthritis, and 10% for gastroenteritis and hypertension.  

Success Stories

Mrs. Somawathie is 72 years old and lives in Kadurupokuna. She has 6 grown children and lives with her eldest son. Mrs. Somawathie is very feeble and cannot afford to spend much money on her health issues as she does not want to be a burden to her son. She thanks the RMF staff every time she visits our Clinic. She had come to the clinic most recently with a respiratory tract infection and a slight fever. When she was examined we had to refer her to the Tangalle Base Hospital to take x-rays of her chest. She was admitted to the hospital with the diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia, and was started on intravenous antibiotics. She is now recovering at home and her son was given instructions to give her nutritious foods.

Mrs. Aruni is 25 years old, lives in Yayawatta and is married with 2 children. Mrs. Aruni had come to the Clinic with severe pain & swelling of her joints. Investigation revealed inflammation of the joints and she was referred for further treatment to the Rhomboids Clinic at the Teaching Hospital at Karapitiya in Galle.  

Mrs. Surangika is 29 years old and lives in Yayawatta with her husband and child.  The Tsunami of December 2004 had taken away her first baby. Mrs. Surangika now has a healthy son, her second child, who is 5 years old and in school. Mrs. Surangika had been expecting her third child during the first quarter and had been coming to the RMF Clinic regularly to get her blood pressure checked as she had high blood pressure during her entire pregnancy. The baby was born healthy during the second week of March on its due date. Mrs. Surangika is very thankful of RMF’s Health program as it is so helpful to her family as well as the entire community.    

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