Sri Lanka

Update from the Field

February 10, 2007

Minerva Fernando

The MINHATH Pre-school is the first ever pre-school for the children of the Muslim minority community in Dickwella, Sri Lanka. The new building was officially opened on November 25, 2006. School activities started on January 8, 2007.

Four Teachers were hired:
1. Miss M.R.B.Rizka Latheef
 2. Miss M.F.Nazaha 
3. Miss M.H.N.S.Nasahiya
 4. Miss M.N.F.Rumaiz

26 children are attending the pre-school right now, ages 3 to 5 years.

The construction of the pre-school was overseen by the principal, Mr. Imthiyas. And he got all the support and the blessings from the Muslim Religious Leaders of Dickwella Jumma Mosque. The Board of Directors are the Religious Leaders of the Muslim Community, it is headed by Mr. Imthiyas. The management is in his hands, supervision and advocacy is in the hands of Real Medicine Foundation.

Under Mr. Imthiyas’ guidance, the pre-school is a beautiful and educational place for the children who are attending. He turned an old well into a fish tank so the children can learn about fish without any danger. The tank is surrounded by a fence and it is covered with a net.

The playhouse for the children is next to the tank, a beautiful little hut. And there is a special place for the children to play with sand. The swings are in a corner of the garden. There are also several benches in the garden, and a playground, which has a rope ladder, allowing the children to safely climb up. It is interesting to watch the children doing that.

The class rooms are neat and tidy. The handicrafts the children are doing are hung around the class room. It is very pretty.

When I was visiting and entering the class room, the children were singing. And they all wished me Good Morning politely. I was touched with their decent behavior. The teachers with much care and love do their duty very actively.

I had a chance to sing and play with the children for a while. I was so happy and enjoyed so much to be with them. When I was ready to leave them all thanked me and bid Good Bye to me. I felt little bit sad in my heart to leave them.

I am very proud that Real Medicine Foundation has made a secure and a pleasant place for these little children.

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