Peru: Q2/2011: Clinic Update

August 23, 2011

Magali M. de Pujalt

Project Goal: 
To provide long-term comprehensive health assistance to the people in the province of Pisco (pop: 125,000), specifically in the district of San Clemente (pop: 30,000).

Project Objectives: 
1 – Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in the urgent care center “Policlínico Peruano Americano.” San Clemente is a very impoverished area and all services are offered free of charge. Much attention is given towards prevention and health education within all facets of the clinic´s operation.
2 – To improve the comprehensive health of the community through outreach programs, educational programs, and public health initiatives

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period:
• We received a donation of two cases of medicine from the district of San Clemente.
• We rely on the support of three nurses who work as volunteers at the Policlínico.
• Vicky took her month of vacation and was replaced by the pharmaceutical technician Judith.
• For the second year, PAMS 2011 pleased us with registration and marketing before the patients.
• Three campaigns to take samples of HPV were held.
• Volunteer medics in the mission PAMS donated sample medicines and supplies to us, at a value of $161.
• We exceeded 13,000 clinical history files, enough to fill at least three filing cabinets.
• The mission was conducted on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th from 1pm to 6pm with the participation of one nephrologist, three internists, one psychologist, and three orthodontists.
• A total of 432 patients were treated, with free medicine as well as 200 samples of urine, glucose, cholesterol, and creatine, with the cost assumed by PAMS. Twenty eight patients were transferred to the Chincha Medical Center for specialization in gastrology, neurology, and pediatrics, with the cost assumed by PAMS.
• PAMS gave us a donation of $357 in medicines.
• We held two psychology workshops, one dealing with mental health and psychological support for chronic physical ailments, and one on mental health and strategies to solve conflicts in families and schools. They were held at the end of installations at the auditorium of the district of San Clemente.
• The Mission’s closing ceremony was held in the auditorium of the district of San Clemente in the presence of Mayor Palomino who presented certificates of recognition to the medical body and volunteer health staff of this grand mission. Dr. Tapia, director of PAMS in San Clemente, presented certificates to the participants and RMFP presented a commemorative plate in gratitude of Dr. Tapia and the team.

Number served/number of direct project beneficiaries:

Total Number of Direct Beneficiaries: 3,861

1) Policlínico Peruano Americano
• Patients Seen: 3,861
• Average per day: 64.35
• New Patients: 612
• Demographics:

o Male: 2,226; Female: 1,635

o <1 years: 254
o 1 – 4 years: 935
o 5 – 9 years: 294
o 10 – 14 years: 158
o 15 – 19 years: 178
o 20 – 59 years: 1,769
o 60+ years: 273

2) Campaign
• HPV Campaign total 30 patients
• PAMS 2011 Campaign total of 432 patients

Success story(s) highlighting project impact:

The patients John Adrian Laura Palomino (3 years old) and his sister Monica Isabel Laura Palomino (9 years old) came to the Policlínico Peruano Americano with their mother, Marilú Palomino (35 years old). They were being treated for a diagnosis of acute rhinopharyngitis.
The Laura Palomino family lives in San Clemente- Pisco. Father Adrian Laura Aquise (36 years old) and mother Marilú Palomino Apari were born in Ayacucho. They come from poor families and did not finish primary school. They did not have the opportunity to finish their studies as they were working to help their respective families. They met in San Clemente while they were working in the fields.  Adrian works tirelessly in the fields to provide for his family and improve their lives. Both parents are concerned that many times there is not enough money to provide for their basic needs, but they are very grateful for the Policlínico Peruano Americano for their health care.

Mrs. Huamán Aroni Lidia (38 years old) was born in Huancavelica in the province of Pichata. She came to work in the cotton fields where she met Jesús Jonas Rios Huaroto. They started a family and had two children.  Seven years ago, her husband died in a traffic accident while going to work, leaving her with two small children.
She works gathering cotton. She learned of the health care services through her sister-in-law, who comes to the Policlínico with her little girl for checkups.  She now attends the clinic regularly wiht her two children.  She leaves the establishment beaming with gratitude for the staff and grateful for all the members of Real Medicine Foundation Peru.

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