Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Policlínico Peruano Americano"

Status: Active


In December of 2007 RMF opened “Policlínico Peruano-Americano” in its permanent location of San Clemente, which continues to operate successfully today. Peru is the only country where RMF has implemented a pilot project using a modest fee-for-service system. In addition to a small consultation fee, the clinic also charges for additional services provided to the patient, i.e. nebulizer treatments, ultrasound diagnostics, sutures, etc. These charges however, are a fraction of the charges at the local hospital. Depending on the program’s success, RMF will use Peru as a basis for which to model similar fee structures at other RMF clinics around the world as a step toward economic self-sustainability and patient co-responsibility with respect to their healthcare. In an effort to preserve the free nature of the clinic and maintain healthcare for everyone in need, families who are unable to pay due to financial trouble are excused from paying; their fees are subsidized by families who are willing and able to make a contribution.

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