Peru: Q1/2011: Clinic Update

May 5, 2011

Magali Mancini de Pujalt and Joshua Love

First Quarter Clinic Report (January-March 2011) San Clemente, Peru

Project Goal:
To provide long-term comprehensive health assistance to the people in the province of Pisco (pop: 125,000), specifically in the district of San Clemente (pop: 30,000).


Project Objectives:

  • Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in the urgent care center “Policlínico Peruano Americano.” San Clemente is a very impoverished area and all services are offered free of charge. Much attention is given towards prevention and health education within all facets of the clinic’s operation.
  • To improve the comprehensive health of the community through outreach programs, educational programs, and public health initiatives

Results achieved during First Quarter:

  • In the month of March we have treated a 1,517 patients in the clinic, a number that surpasses all previous months.
  •  In the new location 93 women have come to have ultrasound tests taken, more than double the amount of previous months
  • A new Doctor has begun working with the clinic, Dr. Erika is now working with us and has been a great compliment to our team.
  • After weeks of discussion with the Mayor of the City of San Clemente, our clinic and the City of San Clemente have signed an agreement in which RMF Peru will continue to provide medical services to those in and around the district of San Clemente and the city will provide RMF Peru with resources such as electricity, water, security guards and cleaning without charge.
  • The Mayor also provided the clinic with help for our relocation.
  • On February 28, we began providing care at our new location. Our re-opening was attended by the mayor, aldermen of the city, San Clemente officials, and residents of the district
  • We completed the documentation required to apply to the Charitable Association of Pisco, to receive donations of medicine, as they do not provide medical care, but are constantly receiving donations of medicines.
  • Nurse Mayra has rejoined our team after taking time to care for her newborn baby.
  • We have begun to create documents to be given out at various institutions to inform the population of our new location.
  • We are counting on the help of two nurses to provide support for Leila during the hours of 8 am to 2 pm on a voluntary basis.
  • We participated in a health campaign organized by the municipality of San Clemente.
  • Subsidized part of clinic operation costs through small and affordable charges for some services. 

Number served/number of direct project beneficiaries (for example, average number treated per day or month and if possible, per health condition).

1. Policlínico Peruano Americano

  • Patients Attended: 3,354
  • Daily Average: 59
  • New Patients:605


We participated in a health campaign organized by the Municipality of San Clemente. 135 patients attended and the medicine was provided by the municipality.

Male: 2,219 ; Female: 1,135

  • 29 d – 11 months: 279
  • 1 – 4 years: 977
  • 5 – 9 years: 365
  • 10 – 14 years: 184
  • 15-19 years: 156
  • 20 – 59 years: 1,142
  • 60 + years: 248

Patient Origin

  • 97.50 % (3270) from San Clemente
  • 0.72 % (24) from Pisco
  • 0.12 % (4) from Humay
  • 0.39 % (13) from Independencia
  • 0. 0 % (0) from San Miguel
  • 0. 18 % ( 6) from San Andres
  • 0. % ( 0) Villa Casalla
  • 0 .54 % ( 18) Otros

Nutritional evaluation of children of 0 – 9 years

  • Minors of 10 years:
  • Undernourished children: 270
  • Overweight children: 90
  • Without undernourishment:1,261

Evaluation of corporal index of 10 to more than 69 years
Of 10 years to more:
• Low weight, slight obesity, severe and very severe obesity: 869
• Without undernourishment: 892

Number of indirect project beneficiaries (geographic coverage):

There are 30,000 people in the immediate district of San Clemente and 125,000 in the city of Pisco. By focusing on education and prevention initiatives, we hope the direct beneficiaries are able to spread the word to their families and community.

Success Stories:

Ms. María Espinoza Borjas

Ms. María Espinoza Borjas was born in Pisco on 21 April 1973, the daughter of Don Evans and Mrs. Nicole Borja. As a child she lived on the San Jacinto farm which belonged to the District of Independencia. At a young age María’s father abandoned her family, leaving her mother to care for her and her siblings alone. As the eldest child, María devoted her time to taking care of the other children while her mother worked long hours in the field, forcing María to stop attending school after only completing up to the third grade.
During her teens she met and married Don Moses Coronado, started a family, and eventually had 7 children (Mario, Carlos, Erik, Rosa, Luis, Diana, and Margarita). They lived in the District of Independencia, before moving to the district of San Clemente. The family lasted in San Clemente for about 10 years, before her husband abandoned the family just as her father had left her mother.

With no other choice María had to take the baton and raise her 7 children alone while also working many hours a day in the field. When María was 42 years old she was bitten by an animal and as the days passed, the wound grew more and more severe. Eventually the wound became so serious that doctors had no choice but to amputate the limb or allow María to die.

It's been 11 years since María lost her leg and she has been wheelchair bound ever since. About 1 year ago María was diagnosed with diabetes. She is so strong and will overcome her newest obstacle, just as she has in the past. María has accepted her illness and will continue to receive treatment at the Polyclinic, just as she has for the past three years. She gives thanks to God and the Association RMF Peru for thinking of the people of San Clemente most in need. María would like to thank the clinic for giving her a chance at life, for the resources that they provide, and for the work of all its staff, and God bless…

Julia Guerra

Mrs. Julia Guerra was born on November 15, 1980 in the province of Pisco, the daughter of Juan Andayhua and doña Carmela Guerra Quispe. Julia was raised from the time she was 4 years old by her grandmother Santa Quispe.  She was married at age 21 to Gino Laura lived for a time with her in-laws, but as time passed the couple was able to acquire land on Ecuador Street where they raise two beautiful sons, Gino and Laura.

Her husband is a laborer and she is a homemaker. In 2007 she visited the clinic to get treatment for an ongoing stomach problem, and the treatment has been working very well. Julia expresses her gratitude for the clinic’s health personnel and gives thanks for the existence of the polyclinic to treat low-income people of the Pisco Region.

Mercedes Huayhua Cusi

Patient Mercedes Huayhua Cusi was born in San Clemente on 9/24/1950. At 60 years old, Mercedes has a primary school education and four children.

Mercedes is a single mother and lives with her daughter Salicio Linares Cusi and her 12 year old grandson. She works as a street vendor selling fruit and vegetables from house to house. She came to the clinic because one of her customers told her about the good medical attention that she would receive here. When she came to the clinic she was seen by Dr. Erika, who diagnosed her with acute bronchitis and administered a nebulizer.

When she finished receiving her treatment, Mercedes wanted to thank everyone who is a part the Real Medicine Foundation Peru for their wonderful help and dedication to the community. She expressed her gratitude for the clinic, which provides older adults without medical insurance treatment. She wishes all members of the team a thousand thanks for providing unconditional aid to the many people who need it.

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