Peru DRI Donation for the Policlínico Peruano Americano

October 8, 2010

Magali M. de Pujalt

In August of 2009, Mr. Dan Smith, Director of Direct Relief International (DRI), contacted Real Medicine Foundation with the request to visit our clinic, the Policlínico Peruano Americano, in San Clemente, Peru. DRI soon followed up with the visit to the clinic and spent time visiting the facilities, researching our development, consulting our staff on their needs, and taking note of everything that they considered necessary for the clinic to function at a higher level. 

Shortly after this visit, DRI asked us to prepare to receive a container of a medical supply donation from DRI sometime in mid-2010.

In February of this year, Dan Smith informed us that DRI had a list of the available medicines, supplies and medical equipment that they could send, and we selected the things needed most by the clinic. Due to the Peruvian laws on medicine, we had to omit some of the items if they had expiration dates within a year of delivery.

On June 26th the container of supplies arrived at the port and we started the procedures to pass the supplies through customs, which demand more paperwork and consistent efforts to try and exonerate RMF from the typical import/customs fees. On August 11th, we obtained the authorization to be able to officially receive the supplies, and on the 13th a truck was arranged to pick up the 5 pallets from customs.

We then spent the next few months navigating through the many bureaucratic procedures required by the Peruvian government to receive the donation, exemptions from some of the import costs, and all of the documentation and approval required. 


The truck finally arrived with the supplies in San Clemente at about 5 pm on the 13th and our neighbor offered us his workshop garage to store the goods overnight so that most of the goods could be moved safely the next day.


The next day with the help of the whole team and some additional volunteers we unloaded all of the supplies from the truck into our clinic. (Photos Below)
The following items were received:

1 EKG/ 1 Transformer
1 Centrifuge/ 1 Transformer
3 Nebulisers/3 Transformers
1 Oxygen Concentrator / 1 Transformer
4 Exam tables

Medicine and Supplies:

Our special thanks and recognition to Mr. Dan Smith, Jim, Ernesto and the whole team at DRI; this donation will allow us to provide better and more service to our patients with limited financial resources.  The whole team at RMF Peru thanks DRI for financing this effort and helping us continue to provide effective treatment through our clinic in San Clemente. 




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