“Friends Helping Friends” in San Clemente/Pisco, Peru

June 23, 2010

Steve Henrichon

The motto for Real Medicine Foundation is “Friends Helping Friends.” With full embodiment of these words, our operation in Peru is certainly the collaboration of many. Here is an update of several recent collaborations with RMF’s Policlínico Peruano Americano in San Clemente/Pisco, Peru.

Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International has made yet another sizeable donation for which we are truly grateful! A ship currently bound for Peru, will soon be delivering a container filled with $17,000 worth of equipment, medicine, and medical supplies. The shipment includes an EKG, additional exam tables, hospital beds, nebulizers, oxygen tanks, etc. This is the third donation we have received by Direct Relief International and we owe much of the clinic’s success to generous partners like DRI. Dan Smith, DRI Senior Program Officer, has done a masterful job facilitating these donations.

Sociedad Peruano de Cardiologia, MSD Peru

On May 15, the clinic team received a generous donation by the Women’s Committee of the Sociedad Peruana de Cardiologia. Sra. Betsye Hinostroja de Ruiz presented Administrative Director Magali Mancini with two boxes of medications. Sra. Hinostroja de Ruiz is the wife Dr. Enrique Ruiz Mori, President of the Sociedad Peruana de Cardiologia. The donation was facilitated by MSD Peru, who continues to serve as a wonderful advocate and supporter of the Policlínico Peruano Americano and Real Medicine Foundation.

Peruvian American Medical Society

We have partnered with the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) to host a community outreach event on August 9. Three internists from the USA will be volunteering their time on behalf of PAMS to offer a screening clinic out of our Policlínico Peruano Americano. They will be screening for kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, lipidemias, heart failure, and infectious diseases. In addition, dental screening and treatment will be offered. This outreach event at the clinic is part of a larger medical campaign, organized by PAMS, which will be centered at the local hospital, San Juan de Dios, to offer medical screening services to the people of the greater Pisco area.

Business as usual at the Policlínico Peruano Americano

In the month of April, we averaged 61 patients per day. The majority of the cases seen at our clinic continue to be respiratory diseases, comprising 37% of the total cases handled. This is followed by infectious diseases/parasitic infections (14%), and then by musculoskeletal ailments (7%). With winter time fast approaching in Peru, we expect a higher percentage of respiratory infections in the coming months. Four informational speeches were given for the community on arthritic pain, hypercholesterolemia, lower back pain, and acute diarrheal disease. We are also pleased to welcome a new member to our team. We have recently hired Ms. Mayra Velasquez, who joined the nursing staff on April 15.

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