Policlínico Peruano Americano Update

October 8, 2008

Steve Henrichon

Spring time is approaching in Peru. The patient stream remains steady at about 30 patients per day and in the month of August we were able to enlist 242 new patients from the community. Females patient still outnumber the males, 2 to 1. In the local school of 3600 children which we sponsor, Nurse Maria Elisa was visited by 442 children. Maria Elisa also conducted many health workshops for the students and their parents.

Upwards of 50% of the cases in August were respiratory related. Due to the high volume of such cases, we need to consider our ability to treat such ailments. We currently use a nebulizer but we could certainly benefit from both an oxygen tank as well as a suction unit to help clear congestion in children. Can you help us purchase an oxygen tank or suction unit?

In August, our donated shipment from Direct Relief International cleared customs. The shipment contained an a vast amount of medicine, medical supplies, and basic consumer health products for the community such as Shampoo and Strawberry Shortcake toothbrushes for the children. On behalf of Real Medicine Foundation, Policlinico Peruano Americano, and the community of San Clemente Thanks Direct Relief! We are thankful for your participation!

October is a busy month for the clinic. Emergency Medicine Physician and Real Medicine Volunteer, Helen Ouyang, is currently in San Clemente to oversee clinical operations and to help streamline the protocol. She will be in San Clemente for two more weeks.

The Policlinico Peruano Americano will be hosting important visitors in mid-October. Representatives from the Creative Artists Association are intrigued with the clinic and they will spend 3 days with Dr Ouyang, Dr Huasasquiche, Dr Torrealva, and the nursing team to determine how best CAA can become involved with Policlinico Peruano Americano. Everyone is very excited for our special visitors.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Policlinico Peruano Americano in San Clemente, Peru!

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