Real Medicine Foundation - Initiative "Land Mine Victims Treatment Program"

Status: Completed


Real Medicine’s Mobile Clinic is a new model of health care provision for our organization, conceptualized to reach remote and rural communities with no prior access to health care. The clinic is currently deployed in the most populous province of Mozambique, Zambézia Province, located in the central coastal region south of Nampula and north of Sofala. The Harvard School of Public Health, in collaboration with the Mozambique Ministry of Health, the Real Medicine Foundation, and the African Millennium Foundation, has proposed a pilot 18-month program to provide a comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment program in rural Mozambique, for the health district of Xai Xai.

Simultaneously, the Land Mine Victims Treatment Program serves to educate physical therapists in progressive, lasting approaches to releasing dysfunctional, compensatory muscle patterns and for relieving Post Traumatic Stress associated with Phantom Limb Pain and acute psycho-physical trauma.