Serbia: Hygiene and Dignity Kits

Winterization Kits Distributed: Q1 2018

May 31, 2018

Reporting Officer Marjan al Mahamid, with input from Coordinator of Global Programs N’Deane Helajzen and Program Manager Žarko Stanić, together with RMF Serbia’s Medical Officers: Dr. Andrijana Ljubojević, Dr. Dragana Marković, Dr. Daniel Pejković, Dr. Jovana Milić, Dr. Nataša Benović, Dr. Milica Radonjić, and Dr. Mina Novaković


Packages Distributed Fairly

Hygiene kits for men, dignity kits for women, and packages for babies were procured, and a distribution system was devised to ensure fair and equal distribution. In order to avoid duplication of efforts, the distribution of non-food items was planned in coordination with other civil society actors.


Distributions Facilitated

Various Centre Locations

Distributions for men, women, and children were facilitated at Adaševci Transit Centre, Šid, Serbia, and additional distributions for men were facilitated at Obrenovac Transit Centre, Obrenovac, Serbia.

  • Promote the health of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers across Serbia by distributing hygiene kits
  • Meet the hygienic needs of all, including men, women, and babies
  • Coordinate with other civil society actors and the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration

Since late 2017, RMF Balkans has distributed hygiene kits at 6 refugee camps throughout Serbia. This project covers migrants of all ages, with kits designed for babies and young children, men, and women.

The kits have significantly improved hygiene and helped prevent the spread of infectious disease throughout the camps. RMF Balkans is the only organization in Serbia that distributes complete hygiene kits to refugees and migrants.