Nepal: Kavre Community Outreach Program

RMF-Supported Laboratory Runs 455 Tests: Q2 2018

July 01, 2018

Ganesh Shrestha

Summary of Activities

Since the earthquake of 2015, RMF’s efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of Kavre residents have continued to develop. In 2017, RMF received approval of our 5-year Health Care System Strengthening and Outreach Program from Nepal’s Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare (MoWCSW). As a result, RMF will be able to fully implement the Kavre Community Outreach Program. Currently, RMF’s priority in the program has shifted to supporting a health clinic at Dapcha Health Post, which was opened in February 2018, as well as RMF Urban Health Center, which was opened in March 2018.

During this Quarter:

  • This year, RMF opened a clinic in Namo Buddha municipality ward no. 2, Kavre, named RMF Urban Health Center. Similarly, RMF has provided support to Dapcha Health Post, which is located in Namo Buddha municipality ward no. 9.
  • Between April and June of 2018, RMF Urban Health Center served a total of 1,047 patients. Dapcha Health post served 2,070 patients at its outpatient department, treated 148 children through the Community Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (CB-IMNCI) program, immunized 129 children and pregnant women at the vaccination clinics, provided antenatal care to 47 women and delivery services to 17 women, and performed 455 laboratory tests. At the end of the quarter, Dapcha Health Post was providing family planning methods to 242 patients.
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Results &


AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2018 Sushmita Tamang

RMF Outpatient

1,047 Patients

RMF Urban Health Center served 1,047 patients at its OPD between April and June of 2018. Of these patients, 549 were female, and 498 were male. The OPD averaged about 349 patients per month during this reporting period.


AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2018 Purnima_Tamang

Dapcha Outpatient


Dapcha Health Post served 2,070 patients at its OPD from April to June 2018, including 1,208 female patients and 862 male patients. The OPD averaged about 690 patients per month. Infectious disease was found to be the leading health problem with 539 patients.

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2018 Pravas Kaldas

Medical Laboratory


RMF has supported the establishment and operation of a medical laboratory, which began offering services in February 2018. The laboratory performed a total of 455 tests during this period, including 162 hematology tests and 136 biochemistry tests.

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2018 Rebika_Durami_Magar


National Program

5 EPI clinics are active in the catchment area of Dapcha Health Post. 129 patients were immunized at the vaccination clinics during this reporting period. 118 of the patients were children who were vaccinated for tuberculosis (BCG), diphtheria and tetanus (DTP), hepatitis-B (HepB), polio (OPV), pneumococcal disease (PCV), measles and rubella (MR), and Japanese encephalitis (JE), and 11 of the patients were pregnant women who received the 2nd dose of their tetanus (TT) immunizations.

AS Nepal KCOP Q2 2018 Sushmita_Stha


Pregnancy and Prevention

The health post served 47 pregnant women with antenatal care (ANC) services, and 17 mothers received institutional delivery services. 242 patients, including 17 new patients, are currently using various family planning methods including oral contraceptive pills, Depo-Provera, implants, and IUCDs.

CB-IMNCI Program

Caring for Children

The Community Based Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness (CB-IMNCI) program is being implemented in Kavre district. This program ensures that sick children under 5 years of age are managed for their health conditions and registered in the CB-IMNCI register.

Between April and June of 2018, 148 children were treated at Dapcha Health Post. 3 of these patients were under 2 months of age, and 145 were 2–59 months of age. Respiratory problems were the leading health concern among children under 5 with 65 patients, followed by diarrheal diseases with 32 patients.

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& Objectives



  • Significantly reduce malnutrition among children under the age of 5
  • Cause behavior change related to health, nutrition and hygiene through health education
  • Improve the health services and programs
  • Help acutely malnourished children graduate from malnourished status to a healthy status
  • Improve maternal health, sexual health, family planning
  • Reduce neonatal and infant mortalities
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Direct Beneficiaries


Dapcha Health Post-2,070

RMF Urban Health Center-1,047


Family Planning-242

Antenatal Care-47

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Sagar Shrestha

Sagar Shrestha

10 Year Old

Sagar Shrestha, a 10-year-old boy from Namo Buddha municipality-2, was brought to RMF Urban Health Center by his friends after he received a cut on his right knee when he fell down while playing. RMF clinicians repaired the wound with 5 stitches and gave Sagar antibiotics for 7 days. He was advised to attend the clinic for daily dressing. Now, he is well.

Sanju Lama

Sanju Lama

16 Years Old

Sanju Lama, a 16-year-old girl, visited Dapcha Clinic for a high-grade fever from which she had been suffering for 5 days, as well as weakness, headache, and loss of appetite. She was recommended for blood tests which were performed by RMF Lab Assistant Sharmila in the RMF-supported medical laboratory at Dapcha Health Post. Her blood counts, hemoglobin levels, and Widal test led to a typhoid diagnosis. Sanju was prescribed antibiotics for 7 days as well as paracetamol to treat her fever. During her follow-up visit, her condition had improved, and she thanked the clinicians for their immediate diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Sandip Lama

Sandip Lama

Large Abscess

Sandip Lama felt an uncomfortable stretching sensation on the right side of his neck for a few days. He could feel a small bump forming on his skin, and as the days passed the small itchy patch started swelling and grew into a large shiny lump. The pain was excruciating, and Sandip also developed a fever. He could hardly move his neck due to the pain. At the clinic, the wound was identified as a large abscess. Dapcha Health Post Manager Mr. Bhagirath performed an incision, drained the pus, cleaned the wound, and dressed it with medication and a bandage. The procedure made Sandip feel much better. Mr. Bhagirath asked the patient’s parents to bring him back to the clinic daily to redress the wound. He was also prescribed antibiotics and analgesics. His condition improved day by day, and he recovered completely after a week.

Soniya Lama

Soniya Lama

25 Years Old

Soniya Lama, a 25-year-old from Namo Buddha municipality-9, visited Dapcha Health Post for her 4th antenatal checkup. She was experiencing discomfort and nausea in the morning. She was in the second trimester of her pregnancy, so she was advised to wait for the symptoms to subside naturally. She was given iron tablets, 1 albendazole tablet, and a dose of tetanus-diphtheria (TD) vaccine under the Safe Motherhood Program. Her vital signs were normal, she had no pallor, and her weight gain was appropriate. She is happy about her pregnancy and thankful that there is nothing to worry about.

Sushila Paneli

Sushila Paneli

20 Years Old

Sushila Paneli, a 20-year-old woman, delivered her first child at Dapcha Health Post. She visited the clinic 10 times during her pregnancy. She is happy that she had easily accessible high-quality health services in her own community. She was advised to take iron tablets and calcium tablets for 45 days after discharge.