Uganda: Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Project

1,201 Students Supported: Q1 2019

May 22, 2019

Naku Charles Lwanga

Summary of Activities

Medicine and Human Resources Support

  • Provided medicine, as well as medical, laboratory, and cleaning supplies for the health centers in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement.
  • Continued to facilitate integrated outreaches, where community members are empowered with preventive health strategies and knowledge concerning malaria, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, and more.
  • Conducted ongoing trainings for medical staff, cleaning staff, and health workers as well as on-the-job mentorship.
  • Transported patients, including victims of war violence, to various referral facilities for rehabilitation.
  • Continuous immunization of all under-5 children living in and around the settlement was implemented through the health facilities and outreach activities.
  • UNHCR 2018 international audit was completed, and the report is pending.

School Support

  • A total of 1,201 students were supported this quarter by RMF/WCF funding in one nursery and one secondary school, including South Sudanese, Kenyan, Rwandan, Burundian, Ugandan IDP, and Congolese children/students.

Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI)

  • A one-day trainee orientation was conducted on January 7, 2019, led by the principal of PVTI.
  • The election of new guild representatives took place on January 25, 2019.
  • Training materials for all departments were purchased on a monthly basis and provided on time, ensuring the smooth running of the vocational training programs.
  • PVTI has helped enhance peaceful coexistence between refugees and nationals, as it accepts applicants from both communities.
  • The team conducted follow-up visits to PVTI graduates to observe their working situations and listen to their joys and sorrows.

Kiryandongo Sports Development Program

  • Essential training equipment was purchased, including balls, sports bibs, uniforms, and cleats. This has led to easy identification during training and competitions. It has also attracted more participants to the program and created more confidence in the existing players because they are adequately facilitated.
  • 2 dialogue sessions were conducted with the players to help build discipline and good habits among participants.
  • Teams took trips to Hoima, Lira, Gulu, and Masindi. The teams also made a trip to Kampala, where they were hosted by the Airtel Rising Stars in Gayaza.
  • Coaches took part in training on January 29–30, 2019. The training helped coaches improve their skills both on and off the field.

Precious Children’s Centre

  • Students received adequate instruction, as most of the key needs and requirements of the school were met.
  • Due to RMF’s support of the Precious Children’s Centre, more children have been enrolled, and there are now 387 children benefitting from primary education and regular meals at the school.
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Results &


a trainee makes a pinafore dress

Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI)

Enrollment of New Students

A total of 73 students began their studies at Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute (PVTI) in one of the school’s four departments:

  • Carpentry and Joinery (CJ)
  • Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy (HBT)
  • Bricklaying and Concrete Practice (BCP)
  • Tailoring and Garment Cutting (TGC)

70 of these students are registered to take the DIT exams on April 25, 2019, to earn certificates that will facilitate further studies and/or employment at reputable businesses.

PVTI Welcomes Visitors

February 18, 2019

Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute received LDS Charities representatives from the USA, accompanied by RMF Uganda Country Director Charles Lwanga and the program officer. The visitors expressed their appreciation for RMF’s work in equipping the community with valuable skills.

March 31, 2019

PVTI was also pleased to welcome visitors from Manchester University, who came with the Kiryandongo District NGO Forum team leader. They were doing research on livelihood and also appreciated RMF’s efforts in equipping young refugees and nationals with employable skills in Kiryandongo, improving wellbeing and reducing unemployment.

Kiryandongo Sports Development Program

Students Receive Scholarships

The team received visitors from the USA and South Africa, who came to observe the impact and performance of the project on the lives of refugees in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. The players were able to play and demonstrate their talents, which pleased the visitors.

6 players in the under-12 category have earned scholarships from schools such as Victoria Primary School in Hoima as a result of their advanced football (American soccer) skills.

Precious Children’s Centre

Food Provides Stability and Success

RMF continued to provide financial support to the Precious Children’s Centre in Kawempe, Kampala, which takes care of orphans and vulnerable children. The funding from RMF is used to purchase food for the children. This has helped to keep more children in class and stabilize the center’s operations, contributing to the success of the school’s day-to-day activities.

The results of the November 2018 national exams were issued in February 2019, and the results showed that the students’ performance has greatly improved.

Medical Support

RMF Recruits Additional Staff

RMF recruited additional medical and support staff, which has helped reduce the number of referrals. The majority of medical cases are now handled at Panyadoli Health Centre III, and only complicated cases are referred to Kiryandongo Hospital, Gulu Hospital, or to the national referral hospital in Mulago.

The bond of collaboration between RMF and Kiryandongo Hospital has been strengthened since RMF has provided a medical officer to support the hospital, especially with cases requiring surgery. This strategy has helped RMF win the hearts of the Kiryandongo District Local Government and has a direct bearing on promoting the peaceful coexistence of refugees and the host community.

Educational Support

1,201 Students Helped

RMF/WCF delivered financial support to 2 schools in the settlement: Arnold Nursery School and Panyadoli Self Help Secondary School. 1,201 school children were supported in the settlement during the first quarter of 2019, including South Sudanese, Kenyan, Rwandan, Burundian, Ugandan IDP, and Congolese students.

Students and pupils study safely and comfortably without stress, because their school fees are paid and scholastic materials such as books, pens, and pencils were provided on time for the 2019 first term thanks to RMF/WCF. By helping students access education, we are helping to reduce illiteracy levels in the settlement.

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& Objectives


The Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement in Bweyale, Uganda, is a UNHCR managed refugee settlement that provides shelter, land, and support for more than 100,000 people. They are comprised of refugees from Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan. RMF has partnered with UNHCR in supporting Kiryandango Refugee Settlement, the surrounding community of Bweyale, and the greater Kiryandongo District (an additional 266,197 people) with health care, education, and vocational training since 2008.


  • To serve as a health care implementation partner with the UNHCR and Ugandan Government
  • To provide health care services to over 100,000 refugees and persons in the community via the Panyadoli Health Centres
  • To provide skills training for South Sudanese refugees to enable them to become self-reliant
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John in his workshop in Molokonyi

John Oroma

2018 PVTI Graduate

John Oroma graduated from Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute in December 2018 with a certificate in Carpentry and Joinery. John was one of the best trainees in his department during his term, and he has opened a workshop in Molokonyi Trading Centre in the settlement.

John shared with us that he is always proud of the skills he acquired at PVTI and said that he has a family of five dependents who are very happy today due to his efforts. “I have added some tools like a spade and spread edge, which I didn’t have, with the money I got. Thanks a lot!” John said. He further thanked RMF for giving him the knowledge which has made him the self-reliant man he is today.

Joyce Aloyo

2015 PVTI Graduate

Joyce Aloyo graduated from Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute with a certificate in Tailoring and Garment Cutting in 2015. She was supported with a startup kit, which included a sewing machine, and started working in a trading center within the camp. She attributes her success to Panyadoli Vocational Training Institute and JICA who gave her the skills and support to become self-reliant.

I am a mother of 2 children, and I have managed to support my family with basic needs and also pay school fees for my children. I no longer wait for food to be distributed, but at least I have somewhere to start from,’’ Joyce added.

George Kenyi

2018 PVTI Graduate

George Kenyi graduated in 2018 with a certificate in Carpentry and Joinery. George joined a group in Bweyale Town Council, which gets orders from schools, offices, and other organizations. During an interview, George said he is now self-dependent and has managed to provide for his household.

At the time of the interview, he had a few orders of his own making beds, benches, and stools. In some instances, he calls his colleagues to help him with the orders. He is also very grateful to RMF for the training opportunity and the support which has enabled him to reach his current position.

Stephen Baptist Ocen

2018 PVTI Graduate

Stephen Baptist Ocen graduated from PVTI with a certificate in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy in December 2018. He is now a hairdresser in Bweyale Town Council, where he operates his own salon. He stated that, after his graduation in December, the knowledge and skills acquired from the vocational training program have enabled him to provide basic needs for himself, since he lives with his grandmother.

During his interview, he said that he has used his plaiting skills on many customers at various price points. He noted that he used some of the money he earned to buy some salon requirements like a hair dryer, sink, chairs, comb, and rollers, as well as a sewing machine. At the time of interview, he was plaiting dreadlocks on a customer with his friends. He was very happy to see the RMF outreach team.

David Tombe Okello

2015 PVTI Graduate

David Tombe Okello graduated from Panyadoli Vocational Training in March 2015 with a certificate in Tailoring and Garment Cutting. David was very happy to see the RMF team and told us that he has achieved a lot with his tailoring skills. David said he has bought a piece of land for his family, constructed a house, and can afford his children’s school fees. He gets contracts from schools to make uniforms, which helps him grow his savings. He has also recommended one of his friends to join PVTI.