Uganda: Buwate Sports Academy

“Overcoming Discrimination Against Girls” Program on International Women’s Day: Q1 2016

June 08, 2016

Naku Charles Lwanga

Summary of Activities

During this reporting period, Buwate Sports Academy has constructed a semi-permanent structure to house the tailoring and hairdressing classes. We have also hosted a children’s sports gala and held a holiday camp for the children at Kyambogo College in Kampala. Due to funding from RMF and the Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation, a course in hairdressing and cosmetology has also been introduced, and school materials were purchased and distributed to the orphaned and vulnerable children under sponsorship.

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Results &




Housing Classes

We have been able to construct a semi-permanent facility that is now housing the tailoring and hairdressing classes here at Buwate Sports Academy. This component of our facility is promoting livelihood skills and liberating potential in our students and is expanding with the help of RMF.

Seeta Gala

Friendly Matches

Fun Competition

With funding from RMF and Mother Teresa Children’s Foundations (MTCF), we were able to vigorously compete in friendly matches for age groups 14 and under and 17 and under. These matches attracted participants from all throughout the area. We are seeing positive impact in the community due to events such as this, as children are improving their skills, having increased self-esteem and learning to work together.

Womens Day

Girls in Action

International Women’s Day Celebration

During International Women’s Day, we conducted a special program. The theme was: "Overcoming Discrimination Against Girls". This community has a mentality that soccer is only for men, but through this program we are promoting gender equality. Because of this, we are seeing girls demonstrate serious skills and it is promoting positive attitude change, both in girls and boys, as they have confidence to now speak out instead of thinking they cannot express their opinion.

school materials

School Materials

Happy Children

We were able to purchase and distribute scholastic materials to the orphaned and vulnerable children that are under sponsorship. Gradually, Buwate is becoming a popular place with great hope that it will attract social services from the government and other development partners. This is largely due to the publicity that the Sports Academy has created.


Holiday Camp

Uniting Community

The Buwate Sports Academy hosted a holiday camp for children at Kyambogo College in Kampala. This event attracted many community sports academies. We have seen this uniting of community happening as a result of work done at the Academy; for instance, the secular youth and churches are working together, and youth of the community are excited and ready to participate in events because they see real hope in the Buwate Sports Academy activities.


New Classes

Hairdressing & Cosmetology

With funding from RMF/MTCF, we have introduced a new course in hairdressing and cosmetology. We hope that this will promote employable skills among the members of the academy. As with the tailoring classes, these new classes are expanding thanks to the help of RMF.

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& Objectives


In early 2013, RMF, the Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation in Italy (Devoti Madre Terese Per I Bambini) and World Children’s Fund started funding support of the Buwate Sports Academy. Buwate Sports Academy is a sports club and activity group for children living in Buwate village, Kira Town, Kampala District. The Buwate Sports Academy seeks develop the youth advancement component of our humanitarian work through games, sports training, vocational training and other educational opportunities.


  • Provide funding to assist the operations and growth of Buwate Sports Academy
  • Provide funding to allow children from surrounding slums to attend school
  • Provide funding for vocational training opportunities including tailoring, hairdressing, and cosmetology
  • Increase Buwate’s popularity in hopes that this will attract social services from the government and other development partners
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Around 2,000 people benefit from the Buwate Sports Academy project. During this reporting period alone, some of the accomplishments we’ve achieved are:

  • Children passing their national exams in 2015 and advancing to the next levels of education
  • Purchasing food, charcoal, and cooking oil for the children throughout this period
  • Paying school fees for children
  • Paying wages to staff, support staff and incentive pay for volunteers in a timely manner
  • Purchasing a computer for the academy children
  • Purchasing scholastic materials for children
  • Transporting children to various sports encounters around Kampala
  • Purchasing a floor carpet for the newly constructed tailoring classroom

We also provided medical services to children by taking them to a nearby clinic for comprehensive health care services, funded by RMF/MTCF. We are also paying medical bills for the attending youth.

We commonly see and treat fractures, malaria, headaches, fever, and respiratory tract infections in the students of this project.

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Nsamba Results

Nsamba Eve

Reaching New Levels

Nsamba Eve received her ordinary level results. She was extremely happy, and said: "Oh my God, who ever knew that I would reach this level! Thank you RMF; thank you Buwate Academy!"

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