Sri Lanka: Minhath Montessori Pre-school

Minhath Preschool Q3 and Q4 2014 Progress Report

March 13, 2015

B.M.B. Zeena

Results and/or accomplishments achieved during this reporting period:

  • Aug 10th- School re-opened for 3rd term after one month Ramadan vacation.
  • Aug 12th- Held a parents meeting regarding the annual preschool trip; the date was set for the 23rd.
  • Aug 26th- Because of bad weather the trip was postponed and we went instead on the 26th. From Matara to Galle we travelled by train, which the children really enjoyed. Once in Galle we went to the harbor to watch the ships and we visited Koggala camp where the children enjoyed inside The Flight (restaurant). Then we went to one of the best children’s parks in Habaradhuwa, complete with a swimming pool and indoor games. Afterward we went to Colombo Zoo and the children enjoyed some free time. In the late evening we toured the city by double decker bus. It was very special for our children to see the nighttime Colombo city lights. In short, the children couldn’t stop talking about the bus trip for a long time.
  • Sep 28th- After the trip we worked on handicrafts because we held an exhibition on Sep 28th. Due to parents’ request the exhibition was held on the 29th as well.
  • Oct 01st- Because of Children and Adults’ Day we went to an adult nursing home with our children where we arranged to have the children give small gifts to adults who are in the home. After our visit to the home we went to the beach and the children learned how to fish with nets. The main reason we visited the adult home was to teach the children to emotionally respect the adults.
  • Dec 04th- We held a dress-rehearsal for the children’s year-end concert.
  • Dec 06th- We had our year-end concert in the Montessori building.