Peru: Policlínico Peruano Americano

RMF Peru Clinic, Policlínico Peruano Americano, Third Quarter, 2013

November 10, 2013

Magali M. de Pujalt, RMF Perú, Director Ejecutivo

Summary of Activities

San Clemente is a very impoverished area and all of the services offered are free. The clinic places much importance on prevention and education and this is evident within all facets of the clinic’s operations.

  • The 2013 Mission – RMF Peru and PAMS – was conducted.
  • RMF CEO, Dr. Martina Fuchs, visited the clinic in July for 6 days.
  • A free dental campaign was conducted in the Policlinico.
  • A free Medical Outreach Campaign was held in the town of Santa Rosa from 9am to 1pm
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Results &


patients waiting in line

Patients Treated

Adults and Children

Total Number of Direct Beneficiaries for the Third Quarter


Visiting volunteer doctors

The RMF Peru–PAMS Mission treated 144 patients, seen for i.e. cholesterol testing, diabetes testing and urinary tract infection treatment. 27 patients also received dental treatments with extractions, fillings and other treatments, offered at no cost. PAMS also donated one Espeto Home trouv RS – Visible, and a Micro Cap centrifuge.

Dental Campaign

Free dental work

During the Dental Campaign held at the Policlinico from July 26th to 31st, a total of 10 patients were seen and treated with 6 extractions and 4 fillings.

Health Outreach in community


Held an outreach health campaigns in Santa Rosa, San Clemente.The Medical Campaign in the town of Santa Rosa, San Clemente on July 27th, saw a total of 57 patients.

Laboratory services

Generating income

Proceeds from the clinic laboratory for July, August and September: $2,292.00

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& Objectives


On August 15, 2007, Pisco, Peru experienced a deadly earthquake: 7.9 on the Richter scale. Over 500 people died, more than 37,000 families were left without homes, and 150,000 people were left without water. The majority of the health infrastructure was damaged or destroyed in the earthquake, and the people were in need of medical attention. Real Medicine Foundation’s team was deployed to Peru on October 12 in an effort to assist those most in need.

The primary objective of our project was to bring long-term free healthcare to the victims of the earthquake who had lost their homes, possessions, and in many cases, loved ones. The areas most affected were Pisco, Ica, Chincha, Cañete, and Huancavelica. The site of the RMF clinic is in San Clemente, Pisco. San Clemente is the poorest district of Pisco, and the overwhelming majority of people cannot afford to pay for health services. In addition, outreach programs have been initiated to service the health needs in the very remote and impoverished areas around San Clemente and Pisco.


  • Treatment of acute and chronic illnesses at our urgent care center, “Policlínico Peruano Americano.”
  • To provide all basic health services for free. To promote co-responsibility and sustainability, the clinic requests a minimal fee for specialty services, such as lab work and ultrasounds, and offers wholesale prices for medication. Patients who cannot afford minimal fees or wholesale prices are not charged.
  • To improve the comprehensive health of the community through outreach programs, educational programs, and public health initiatives.
  • Prevention and health education are strongly emphasized in all facets of the clinic’s operations.
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Q3, 2013

Total Number of Direct Beneficiaries: 2,766

  • Patients Seen: 2,766
  • Average per day: 50.29
  • New Patients: 296


  • Female: 1,648
  • <1 years: 208
  • 1 – 5 years: 581
  • 6 – 14 years: 201
  • 15 – 24 years: 145
  • 25 – 39 years: 133
  • 20 – 59 years: 1,396
  • 60+ years: 102
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Mrs. Felicitas

Mrs. Felicitas, 66 years old, was born in the district of Chincha, Ica, and was only able to study until the third grade as her father required all of his children to work on a farm to support the family. She lives in San Clemente now and struggles to support her family. She had lost an 18-month-old daughter to pneumonia as she was not around enough to notice the symptoms.

Due to the earthquake in Pisco destroying their adobe home Mrs. Felicitas, her son Javier, and her daughter and two grandchildren live in a wood and plastic shack. She is very grateful to RMF because it not only helps her manage her own health but that of her entire family. She came to our clinic with muscular contracture syndrome and was anxious to receive treatment and alleviation of her pain, which we were able to provide free of charge.

New Program for Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus


Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) like Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus are a growing public health problem among adults worldwide. Peru and other developing countries are now confronting this issue as a result of rapid changes in the population demographics and lifestyle changes of the population as a consequence of modernism and new consumer habits. Changes in the occupational and psychological environments in countries like Peru are resulting in a rapid increase in non-communicable disease damage such as cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and blindness.
According to global statistics, NCDs are now the most common cause of death in developing countries; this trend is spreading rapidly because physical inactivity and unhealthy eating habits are part of the daily routine in this globalized world. In Peru, many people are suffering disabilities due to illness or chronic illness triggered by a Non-Communicable Disease contributing to the loss of healthy years of life of the population.

• Detection of risk factors and determinants of Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus.
• Control and timely treatment of diabetic and hypertensive patients with little access to health services.

To achieve the objectives, a risk factor, treatment and control process was developed as a joint collaboration between Dr. Karen Vasquez, Mr. Gutierrez and Leila Mariafe, which will be delivered to patients when symptoms are detected. See Control Cards below.