Pakistan: Nowshera Health Centre

Nowshera Health Centre October-December 2015 Report

February 14, 2016

Summary of Activities

In the last quarter of the year, from October to December, a total of 2,622 women and children frequented our women-only MCH center during OPD hours. There was a nearly equal distribution between women and children visiting the center during these three winter months.

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Results &


doctor caring for crying child

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Raising Awareness

Even though it tested their cultural norms about 216 women sought antenatal care while 86 women came for postnatal check-ups.

doctor providing care to woman

Ailments and Preventions

Lack Of Personal Hygiene

More than 8 different health ailments were treated while also giving awareness sessions on clean drinking water and personal hygiene.

doctor providing care to woman

Catering To Various Needs


406 women were provided many different pathologies within gynecological care which was the most sought after care.

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2,622 women and children

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postnatal check for newborn baby

Samia and Yasmin

We had an interesting case of secondary infertility resolving spontaneously. Samia was 26 years old and had a 9 year old son, born to her and her husband, Rafiq, within the first year of their marriage. Samia was one of our first patients to visit our center in November 2014.

Her major complaint was of secondary infertility. Having done the basic investigations and found all to be normal, she was referred to the infertility clinic at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. After several visits and many tests later, she and her husband were declared a perfectly healthy and normal couple.

Disappointed, she informed us of their diagnosis. The most our LHV could do was to give counseling and assurances. She advised Samia to refrain from seeking help from local healers and traditional medicine men who promise heaven but use unhygienic products and procedures that deliver only pain and additional health problems.

Over the next few months, Samia would visit our center regularly, often with no health complaints but we realized it was to simply talk to a non-judgmental, sympathetic ear that our health staff happily provided. She is such a pleasant personality.

Then in April 2015, she conceived, after a span of nearly 9 years. Her pregnancy was confirmed with a urine test at our lab. Delighted with the news, she would come to us for regular antenatal visits and followed our advice on food and health religiously.

On December 23th, she gave birth to a healthy little girl who she named Yasmin, after our LHV. Her delivery was home based, attended to by local traditional birth attendants, as per her family’s cultural requirements but she brought the baby to us a week later for a check-up and celebration.

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