Nepal: The B Project

Uplifting the Community Through Education and Infrastructure Support: December 2016

January 22, 2017

Kushal Harjani

Summary of Activities

Soon after the earthquake, Real Medicine Foundation partnered with Seven Summits Women to rebuild schools, health posts, and other damaged public structures in the village of Bhotenamlang, Sindhupalchok, and to provide immediate relief and long-term support to the people of Sindhupalchok district. Currently, RMF, through Seven Summits Women:

  • Improves WASH conditions in Bhotenamlang VDC
  • Supports a tailoring vocational training program for women
  • Provides English classes for a local mothers’ group, supports teachers
  • Provides afternoon meals to more than 2,000 schoolchildren at 8 schools
  • Is working to build Bhotenamlang Community Center
  • Is working to rebuild Balsudhar Primary School
  • Pursues new programs with additional partners
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Results &


B Project

Bachalamai School

Teachers Needed

We met with the head of the School Management Committee from Bachalamai School in Le Khadka, and he brought along 2 candidates with him as potential teachers to hire. The school has a current shortage of 2 teachers. We were not impressed by either of the candidates, so we are looking for other teachers. We also support 1 English teacher at Bachalamai School.

We have also asked the local carpenter to make doors for the bamboo school that we built after the earthquake.

Mother's Group

Local Mothers’ Group

English Classes

We have started adult education (English classes) for the local mothers’ group in Gurung Gaun, Bhotenamlang VDC (Village Development Committee), Sindhupalchok. There are 16 mothers who attend the classes every day and are learning elementary English. The class started with the alphabet and will begin studying basic conversation in the second week of December. Our Seven Summits Women’s volunteer from Germany, Elena, along with the local school’s English teacher, are teaching the class.

Shree Ganesh School

Interactive Learning

We are experimenting with an interactive tool called E-Paath at Shree Ganesh School using only one laptop at the moment. The children are really enjoying learning with E-Paath, as the lessons are fun and many of them also have never used a computer. Once the new building for Shree Ganesh School is built, we will purchase more computers and expand the program. We will also extend this to other schools as well (already installed in 1 other school).

Bhotenamlang School

Technology and Housing

We spoke to a dynamic Teach for Nepal (TFN)  teacher at Bhotenamlang School, and he has a lot of ideas on improving education quality. Under the TFN teachers’ initiative, they have started a small library with books and 6 computers. We will soon install E-Paath and E-Pustakalya on them.

They would also like to start a hostel in the school itself for grade 10 students to give them intensive coaching to clear the School Leaving Certificate exam. I have asked them to consult with Shisir, the founder of Teach for Nepal, and then give us a proposal. If what they propose makes sense, this would be a great initiative to support.

Clean Drinking Water

WASH Improvements

We recently visited Bhotenamlang with a technical team from SmartPaani, a local company that specializes in rainwater harvesting and recycling. They had helped us install toilets and water filters in 3 schools after the April 2015 earthquake. The SmartPaani team is researching a viable community model for supplying clean drinking water. We also surveyed the filters and water systems for Teepine, Gurung Gaun, and Bhotegaun. We have made a list of materials we need to ensure that all toilets have water and that we can restart the water supply at Shree Ganesh School. A technical team from SmartPaani will return in the second week of December to perform the various tasks.

Community Center


Supporting Infrastructure

Bhotenamlang Community Center

  • The architect has given us the first draft of conceptual drawings. It’s a good start, and we have given him our feedback. We hope to begin construction of the center by early January.

Plans to Rebuild Balsudhar Primary School

  • We are rebuilding Balsudhar Primary School in a remote village of Kafle, in Bhotenamlang VDC. We have acquired the land for it and are now exploring various options for its reconstruction. Children are currently studying in a temporary classroom built by us. We also support two teachers at the school.
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& Objectives


Maya Gurung and Shailee Basnet are now respected leaders in their community. They have earned the reputation of being ‘doers’ among villagers who often only see ‘talkers.’ Maya and Shailee have signed an Memorandum of Understanding with the district government to rebuild five schools in Maya’s home village of Bhotenamlang in the district of Sindhupalchok. This district has the greatest death toll after the Nepal earthquake, and in Maya’s village, there is literally not a house standing. As a result, sex-trafficking is more rampant than ever. Keeping kids, especially girls, in school is the most effective way to ensure that they stay away from traffickers. Educating women in remote areas, as well as empowering them by creating choices, is the way to keep them safe and on track.


  • Rebuild, equip and staff six schools
  • Create proper administration
  • Facilitate running water and sanitary toilets
  • Provide school supplies
  • Provide counseling and teacher training & support
  • Provide afternoon meals for children
  • Establish initiatives to build awareness of anti-trafficking for children and adults
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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