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November 03, 2015

Orphanage Support and Support to the Nepal Children's Organisation

RMF is supporting Nepal Children’s Organisation (NCO) to improve the current conditions of the children at their orphanages, particularly to improve the health, nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene status of the children.
The 25th April earthquake in Nepal caused significant damage and destruction to buildings and infrastructure, one of which was the 83 year old building of Nepal Children's Organization (NCO), rendering children in the orphanage homeless once again.
After destruction of the orphanage building, younger children have been shifted to a nearby government office while the others have been taken to a children's home in Shifal. The present situation of the children and staff working for them is horrific. They are suffering every day in overcrowded rooms which are occupied not only by children and staff but also by their belongings. Due to inappropriate ventilation systems of the rooms, infants have started suffering from respiratory difficulties. This is causing infants in these locations to be seriously ill. Several of the babies are already in Intensive Care Units at hospitals. Not only infants, children of all ages are suffering from various diseases or other physical and mental health issues due to their appalling living conditions.
NCO is planning to construct earthquake resistant houses for about 100 children as safe housing for them is of immediate need. For that, NCO has chosen to build prefabricated houses on 7740 sq ft land. Prefabricated homes are the buildings of choice for the children as they are not only safe and energy saving but also earthquake resistant. And as Kathmandu is active in seismic activity it is recommended to have something lighter and safer to raise the children. Additionally, as time is also a pressing issue, prefabricated houses which are quick to build are a good option.
RMF is planning to support NCO with a pre-fab house that will provide shelter for 20 toddlers, currently forced to live under precarious conditions.
“Our toddlers' boys now are in the small room sharing the whole thing including caretakers. The room is jam-packed for children to stay and difficult for caretakers to take care of them. In past we used to have a bigger space for each of our toddlers where they have enjoyed their freedom to fullest. We had a separate block for young boys and mothers taking care of them. But because of unimaginable magnitude of earthquake which has hit Nepal has made our children homeless.”  Director, NCO
With the recommendation from engineers and designers, the plan is to construct 1100 sq. feet prefabricated house within the premise of Balmandir. 
They have selected this place since it is close to the main access and will not take long for caretakers to rush toddlers to the hospitals or evacuate them in an emergency situation.

The entire construction accountability will be given to the contractor and intended to come to an end of the project by the end of December, 2015.

Area Plan:

RMF to support in the construction of Manaslu House:

Manaslu House is designed for 20 boys and is of 2 floors. Total area of this house will be 1100 sqft. and will consist of 4 rooms, 1 toilet, 1 laundry room and 1 store room.

RMF nurses who are based at their centers have completed the following activities during their first month of placement:

  • Performed different medical procedures such as dressing, nebulization etc.
  • Assisted Physiotherapist in providing physiotherapy to several liable children
  • Monitored vital signs
  • Medication done as per the requirement of house mothers, children and other staffs
  • First Aid treatment has been given to several children
  • Created awareness among housemothers and children regarding sanitation, personal hygiene, and healthy habits etc.
  • Helped maintaining sanitation of the organization clean and healthy
  • Visited Teaching Hospital frequently for check up and follow up on hospitalized children

RMF Nurses at the NCO with children and housemothers:



Established in 1964, Nepal Children’s Organization (NCO), also known as Balmandir (The Children’s Temple) is one of the oldest non-profit organizations in Nepal working for the protection and promotion of childrens’ rights and providing residential care to the children at risk. This includes orphans, differently-abled, abandoned and conflict affected children.

After the devastating earthquake on April 25th, followed by another strong earthquake on May 12th, an estimated 2,023 children have been confirmed dead. Likewise, the number of the injured children has been established at 876 and approximately, 200 children have lost their mothers and 112 have lost their fathers. Nearly 2 million children are said to have been affected by this mega quake and the powerful aftershocks thereafter. (Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, June 2015)

Among those children who lost their parents, many have come under the tutelage of NCO, whose own shelter home was heavily destroyed by the disaster. Currently, through their 10 children’s homes within and outside Kathmandu valley, NCO has been caring for 280 children, including the earthquake-affected.

RMF will be supporting NCO in improving orphanage-based children’s health by providing better quality primary health care, including nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.


  • Provide psychosocial counseling to deeply affected children
  • Construct a room for infants
  • Health and sanitation trainings for house mothers and children
  • Construct a room for differently-abled children
  • Provide better quality primary healthcare
  • Provide qualified staff nurses at NCO’s centers
  • Enhance knowledge and awareness of health and nutrition
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