Kenya: Lwala Healthcare Project

Lwala Community Hospital Report, Q4 2014

February 27, 2015

Katherine Falk & Liz Chamberlain

Summary of Activities

• Funded maternal and child health costs including:
Personnel costs for nurses Rose Gayo and Geoffrey Orangi and nurse aid Rosemary Akello
58% of medicine costs
• Funded ambulance repairs and maintenance
• Funded fuel for ambulance to provide emergency transportation
• Funded obstetric emergency referrals
• Funded miscellaneous additional needs

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Results &


hospital fee schedule

Hospital Program

Fee Structure Changed

The hospital fee structure was changed to more closely align with fees at government hospitals.

children in the courtyard

Public Health Program

Youth Friendly Corner

A youth friendly corner was established at Minyenya Health Center in partnership with the LCH.

boys and girls latrines

Education Program

Continued Integration of Health Education

Continued integration of health education into Education program activities took place, including a WASH training and a large WASH promotion for students in the area.

the garden

Economic Development Program

KIVA Borrowers Increase

The number of KIVA borrowers increased from 30 in October to 57 in November, the latter of which is the highest number of borrowers in any month for LCA; we have been authorized to continue recruiting new borrowers.

Administration and Management

Improved Orientation Processes

Improved staff orientation processes have been carried out with all new hires during the quarter. Depending on the position of the new staff member, each person will go through a comprehensive 2-day to 1-week orientation.

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& Objectives


Lwala is a village of approximately 1,500 people near Lake Victoria in western Kenya. Within an hour’s walk, approximately 3,000 additional people live in nearby villages accessible by dirt roads. Poor physical infrastructure, including impassable roads during the rainy season, lack of electricity and lack of reliable drinking water, have helped to create a critical healthcare challenge in Lwala. The mission of the Lwala Community Hospital is to meet the holistic health needs of all members of the Lwala community.


  • Improve patient care and clinical operations
  • Improve access and facility infrastructure
  • Expand and improve quality of education programs
  • Professionalize the organization through better policies and practices
  • Properly procure and account for physical, financial, and human resources
  • Increase impact of health outreach programs
  • Build capacity of community members in income generating activities
  • Improve programs through better communication and monitoring and evaluation
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Total outpatients: 2,141

1,275 children under 5 reported for regular growth monitoring and immunizations; 340 visits to the family planning clinic; 303 visits to the antenatal clinic; 249 inpatients

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