Kenya: Lodwar District Hospital Support

Lodwar Hospital Year End Report

April 30, 2014

Mwanaidi Makokha

Summary of Activities

Another great year thanks to the partnership between Lodwar District Hospital, Real Medicine Foundation and Medical Mission International. LDH is proud and happy for the support RMF/MMI has given them for the last three years.

Medical Supplies:

A comprehensive supply of drugs was supplied in the Fourth Quarter by RMF to the pediatric ward, and male and female wards. With the consistent availability of a major supply of emergency medicines at the hospital, pediatric patients are attended to and discharged within the shortest time possible. The emergency drugs are provided free of charge for the treatment of the patients. Many lives continue to be saved.

Medical Equipment:

RMF continued to ensure that the hospital is well equipped with (emergency) medical equipment in all departments. We procured an infrared massager for the physiotherapy department and the casualty department received stretchers, wheelchairs and a suction machine.

Non-Pharmaceutical supplies:

The pediatric ward, maternity ward, male and female wards benefited from a huge supply of non-pharmaceutical supplies during the 4th Quarter. Strapping adhesives, branulars, clean gloves, gauze rolls and crept bandages were purchased. There had been a shortage of clean gloves and other non-pharmaceutical supplies at the hospital for the last 6 months. Availability of these supplies has now enabled the nurses in the wards to perform their duties better and to attend to the patients faster.

Other supplies:

In a bid to ensure that the wards always remain clean and hygienic, RMF purchased cleaning and disinfectant materials for the wards; liquid soap, mops, buckets, and detol, vim, dustbins and brushes.

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Results &


kenya lodwar pediatric ward

15,597 Patients Treated

Outpatient and Inpatient

A total of 15,597 Outpatients (3,894 pediatric outpatients); 843 In-Patients (420 pediatric inpatients); and 499 Occupational Therapy Patients were treated at LDH in Q4 2013.

Medicine for Pediatric Ward

Pediatric Ward

Medicine and Medical Supplies

The Pediatric Ward received a comprehensive supply of emergency medical supplies from RMF/MMI. The drugs are still being dispensed free of charge to the patients. The Pediatric Department received new wheel chairs from RMF, which has gone a long way to ensure severely sick patients are wheeled into the ward.

Cervical Collars Purchase

Physiotherapy Ward

Medicine and Medical Supplies

The Physiotherapy Department received cervical collars from RMF for use with road traffic accident patients.

Massager for Occupational Ward

Occupational Therapy Department Ward

Medicine and Medical Supplies

Occupational Therapy Department received a modern infrared massager purchased by RMF

Stretchers for Pediatric and Casualt

Casualty Department

Medicine and Medical Supplies

For the Casualty Department, RMF purchased stretchers, wheelchairs and a suction machine. This has enabled the department to be independent and patients attended to without delays.

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& Objectives


Lodwar District Hospital (DH) is the only functional government regional referral hospital for all of Turkana region, spanning a population of almost 1,000,000. This is where the vast majority of the Turkana and other populations of Northwestern Kenya as well as people from across the borders to Uganda and South Sudan seek help when they need more advanced care requiring medical equipment and specialized skills that cannot be provided at dispensaries, health centers, or private health clinics. Lodwar DH has been struggling for years with wards in need of major repair, and supplies and drugs that come in with great irregularity from the government health supplies department in Nairobi.


  • Rehabilitate the infrastructure at Lodwar District Hospital, beginning with the pediatric ward and proceeding to male and female wards.
  • Rehabilitate equipment set at Lodwar District Hospital, beginning with the pediatric ward and proceeding to male and female wards, outpatient department, operating theatre and physiotherapy department.
  • Provide regularity to supplies of basic medical devices, disposables, and pharmaceuticals, complementing the items from Kenya Medical Supplies (KEMSA).
  • Provide equipment maintenance and spare parts management.
  • Organize on-site clinical training, beginning with general equipment use and care, and pediatric emergency care.
  • Provide outreach campaigns.
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Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
Real Medicine Foundation - more photos.
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A total of 15,597 Outpatients (3,894 pediatric outpatients); 843 In-Patients (420 pediatric inpatients); and 499 Occupational Therapy Patients were treated at LDH in Q4 2013.

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ekiru before picture

William Ekiru

AGE: 7 years

WEIGHT:13 kg

FAMILY HISTORY: William Ekiru is an only child orphan, both parents died due to AIDS. This was the second time he was admitted, dehydrated, weak and wasted. He was also suffering from scabies which made it difficult for him to urinate. He was under the care of relatives who were also mistreating and beating him. They even ate his food during his last stay at the hospital. Upon admission this time, Ekiru was retained at the hospital and not allowed to leave. He has since stayed at the hospital and is being monitored closely as his health improves.


Tuberculosis with severe malnutrition.



Nystatin oral drops 0.8ml QID

Flagyl Syrup 5ml TDS

IV 5% Dextrose alt Normal Saline up to 2 liters

IV X-Pen 1ml QID

IV Gentamycin 60mg OD

Syrup PCM 5ml TDS

Benzyl Benzoate Emulsion 10ml BD

NUTRITION SUPPORT: The child weighed 7.2kg on admission and had a MUAC of 10.3cm. He was started with F-75 formula and graduated to F-100 formula after 3 days. RUTF therapeutic food was given to him for one month. He then was put on plumpy- soy up to the time of discharge.

Ekiru was admitted in a very severe state of health. His drastic improvement was due to availability of appropriate drugs that were used to manage his illness. The drugs used to manage Ekiru were donated by RMF/MMI.

Pablo Ng’asike

Age: 13 months

Weight: 10.5 kg

Diagnosis:Kwashiorkor, severe anemia, oedema+, dermatitis


Pablo Ng’asike, a 13-month-old boy from LoarengVillage in Turkana County, was admittedto Lodwar District Hospital with the above symptoms and very high fever. Pablo is the 2nd born in a family with six children.The mother and father are alive but very sickly. The mother is a housewife and the father is a herdsman. On admission Pablo wasin pain and had massive swelling of his face, high fever and was gasping in pain.

Treatment & Medication:

Septrin 1.5ml OD
Folic acid 5mg OD
Paracetamol 5mls tds 3/7
IV Gentamycin
FeSo4 (after the child started picking up on weight)
All the above medications are purchased and supplied by RMF/MMI. The following day Pablo developed a fever of 39C and he was introduced to Ceftriaxone 500mg bd 5/7. On day 12, Pablo’s weight drastically reduced to 7.2kg and the swelling had subsided. Temperature settled to 37.2C. By the 25th day, his general condition had improved immensely, vital signs became normal. He was later reviewed by the doctor and was found to be stable and fit for discharge.

Nutritional Support:

Pablo was given F-75 for 4 days until his edema subsided. He was then graduated to F-100 for 3 days. On discharge, he was given Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) and advised to come back weekly for follow up.